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Savory terpenes are making a comeback among weed smokers. Even though candies are the dominant branch of cannabis flavor on shelves right now, something's been happening lately when you bring a hearty smoke to the sesh. The people at the table sniff, get the nostalgic ratatouille look on their faces, and say, “I'm really starting to like the peppery, funky varieties again.” At the top, of course, is our Leafly highlight for April: GMO cookies.

For many smokers, GMO cookies represent the full profile of something savory, smelly, and ready to drive you into the dirt. It's been called “one of the wildest terp blends I've ever smelled,” and people pick up on everything from sautéed garlic to dirty diapers! It is one of the top 25 most visited strain pages among the over 8,000 listings here on Leafly and is among the top 100 most widely available strains in stores from coast to coast.

GMO Cookies, also called Chem Cookies or simply GMO, are Chem D crossed with GSC. Over a thousand smokers have left a review here on Leafly, giving the product an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars. Looking through the stack, it is almost overwhelming how many expressed that they felt relief from their pain-related issues. There were those who swore by this strain as a bedtime snack and others who preferred the effects for days when there is nothing to do.

“I have no doubt that as cannabis becomes mainstream across the country, it will be strains like these that consumers will rely on to relax, sleep and calm the mind.”

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Who bakes these genetically modified cookies?

GMO Cookies are a popular variety to grow and breed. You can find them in a whole universe of options across the US, including strain-specific gummies, premium buds, and even old-school hash.

Illionois has Aeriz with its aeroponically grown flower for $76.

Based in Washington Art cannabis sells floral eights, with packaging designed entirely by local artists, for less than $35 per eighth.

In California, Nasha offers traditional pressed hash for $40 (perfect for sprinkling on a bowl of flowers).

Colorado Dial-in gummy bears offer strain-specific GMO gummies for $55 that contain both Lemon Mist and Appletini flavors in one package.

GMO cookie seeds

History books are a mix of Chem D and GSC (aka the artist formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies). History books trace the original creation of this plant to seeds released by Mamiko Seeds from Spain and pheno-hunted and selected by Skunkmasterflex, the father of Skunk House seeds. It was later sold under the name Chem Cookies. However, Skunkmasterflex reportedly gave it the title GMO in reference to the then-recent discovery of a popular cookie brand using GMO ingredients. Others say the name refers to the way the plant grows.


The world's best seeds and clones to grow in 2024

GMO has helped create some outstanding crosses, including Garlic Juice (GMO x Papaya) from Harry Palms of Oni Seeds, as well as Skunk House Genetics' own line of burgers. These include the well-known varieties Han-Solo Burger (GMO x Larry OG) and Donny Burger (GMO x Han-Solo Burger).

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Awards for GMO varieties

This strain's legacy begins with its win as Best Indica at the Midwest Cannabis Cup, where it was named one of the top 10 strains of 2017 by High Times. In 2019, GMO secured both 4th place Mixed Light and 7th place Sungrown into the 2019 Emerald Cup, as well as 20th place Sungrown and 7th place Live Resin Cartridge in 2020.


Ultimate Weed Contest Calendar 2024

GMO terpenes

Although most people assume it tastes like garlic, mushrooms, and onions, the terms earthy and peppery are often used to describe this variety's savory flavor. No wonder when you consider that the dominant terpene here is caryophyllene along with a large portion of myrcene.

More highlights in April

Can't find GMO cookies near you? Here are three more super strong picks for 4/20.

Pure Michigan

Hugely popular with growers in Oregon, Pure Michigan is a wonderful strain known for its uplifting effects to get the party started in social situations. Created by Thug Pug and 3rd Coast Genetics, it is a blend of Oreoz and Mendo Breath that surprisingly has a fruity and astringent flavor profile.

Cap Junky

LA Made Cap Junky.  (David Downs/Leafly)LA Made Cap Junky. (David Downs/Leafly)

Released back in 2021, this Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11, a combination of Capulator and Seed Junky, won first place at the 2022 Connoisseurs Cup in Michigan, took the coveted second place for Leafly's 2023 Strain of the Year, and helped the development of the 3rd place winners for Full Melt at Ego Clash EU 2024. Cap Junky smells of sour fruit peel with hints of pepper and gas. This maximum THC strain is known for its intense, long-lasting euphoric effects.

Apples and bananas

Blue Power crossing apples and bananas.  (David Downs/Leafly)Blue Power crossing apples and bananas. (David Downs/Leafly)

Developed by Compound Genetics and Cookies, this strain packs quite a punch when it comes to pedigree. First, Platinum Cookies was crossed with Grandaddy Purple, then with Blue Power and the resulting plant was mixed with Gelatti. Apples and bananas have dominant flavors that include apple and pear, as well as effects such as happiness and euphoria. The batch grown by Sativa Engineering is beautiful to look at and a joy to smoke. It was one of the best joints we smoked during Spannabis 2024.

We hope this prepares you for the onslaught of “holiday” deals and bargains that will soon be knocking on the door of your inbox and social feeds. No April Fools joke, this is the start of the battle, so oil your grinder, stock up on rolling papers and make sure you change the water in the bong because it's time to hit the streets and get loud and with to proclaim with all my heart: happy 420.

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