Honest Paws Leads the Pack with CBD Oil for Dogs

Pet parents around the US are hearing the buzz surrounding CBD oil products for pets. Manufacturers are finally baking up some high-quality CBD products for four-legged friends with various needs. 

Before you head out and buy your doggo some holy hemp, read on to find out what sets high-quality CBD apart from the rest, and why you want to be careful when selecting dope CBD products for your dog.

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With over 100,000 happy customers and thousands of glowing reviews for their CBD products, Honest Paws is top-dog when it comes to the best CBD oil for dogs and the #1 trusted brand in the pet CBD space. 

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  • Full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD
  • CBD is non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, corn-free, and gluten-free
  • Variety of potency levels available for dogs of all sizes
  • Variety of condition-specific products available to target different health needs
  • CBD products made in the USA, sourced from organic hemp in Colorado
  • CO2 extraction used during processing, which ensures safer and healthier concentrates for CBD oils
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee

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What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring plant compound found in Cannabis Sativa L. Marijuana and hemp are two of the plants in the cannabis family, and between them, there have been around 120 cannabinoids identified. The cannabinoids can be extracted from the cannabis plant and manufactured into oil form for therapeutic purposes. 

CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two predominant cannabinoids you’ll hear about and are found in both hemp and marijuana. The main difference between hemp and marijuana is the balance of these two main cannabinoids. THC is the principal psychoactive compound in cannabis and responsible for the “high” associated with weed. Popular strains of marijuana have been reported to have as much as 28% THC. 

Hemp, on the other hand, has high doses of CBD and trace amounts of THC. For this reason, CBD oil for dogs is derived from hemp for guaranteed safety and legality of the CBD hemp oil. Pure, full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs is the same as CBD oil for humans and works with the endocannabinoid system in the same way. 

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

When shopping for CBD oil for your companion animal, you may come across labels such as CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate refers to pure CBD separated from other naturally occurring compounds in hemp. Broad-spectrum CBD contains a majority of CBD and some other cannabinoids. Both of these oils can be beneficial for your pet. 

However, experts have discovered what they call the “entourage effect” in full-spectrum cannabis. A complete profile of the plant compounds leads to increased plant chemical levels, thereby making them more effective for various ailments. The entire hemp plant has botanical compounds that work together to improve your dog’s health conditions. Terpenes, essential oils, flavonoids, and beneficial cannabinoids promote the overall homeostasis in the body. A full-spectrum CBD oil contains the “full” plant compounds and the opportunity for the entourage effect to occur. 

When choosing the very best CBD oil for dogs, we encourage pet owners only to purchase a full spectrum product. 


Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is safe for dogs as long as it’s sourced from hemp. While humans and their pets can share their pure, unflavored CBD oil, it’s essential to ensure you never give your furry family dog any marijuana products. This is because your mary jane contains high traces of THC. Humans can anticipate and tolerate the psychedelic effects of THC, but dogs cannot. 

THC poisoning can be dangerous for pets. That’s why it’s best to find CBD products created with pets in mind. Avoid sharing your weed edibles with your dog, as ingredients like chocolate, sugar, hops, xylitol, nuts, and coffee can also poison your furbaby. Make sure you always keep your pot edibles out of the reach of greedy paws.

Hemp has high percentages of CBD but less than 0.3% THC in it. This minuscule amount does not affect your doggo, and so hemp-derived CBD is not toxic to animals. It is a safe and widely tolerated oil. 

Will CBD Get My Dog High?

Many pet parents wonder if their hound will get grassed if they take CBD. After all, hemp and marijuana are related, and the media has associated cannabis with getting baked. Due to the less than 0.3% THC in hemp, your dog cannot get high or overdose on good quality CBD oil.  

A 2019 study investigated the safety profile of CBD on pets and concluded that “hemp-based CBD appears to be safe in healthy populations of dogs and cats.” The experts labeled cannabidiol as “non-psychotropic” and “highly tolerable” for cats and dogs. 

 Is CBD for Dogs Legal?  

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products have been legal in all 50 US states. Any cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC is classified as hemp and can be farmed and distributed in various products. Cultivation and production are still largely controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. 

When it comes to traveling in the US, the Transportation Security Administration states: “Marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA.” As long as the CBD pet products you buy are sourced from hemp, and you have the Certificate of Analysis to confirm its low traces of THC, you’re on the right side of the law. 

How CBD Oil for Dogs Works  

So, how does CBD interact with your dog’s body? There is a system in your body and your pet’s body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Experts discovered this system when they started looking at the effects of cannabis on humans. The endocannabinoid system contains receptors throughout the body with the purpose of bringing balance to various functions. 

Cannabinoid receptors respond to endocannabinoids (formed in the body) and phytocannabinoids (from plants). These receptors are called CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

Cannabinoid Receptors

The CB1 receptor exists in the brain, mainly in the hypothalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus. The receptors are also found in the intestines, gonads, central nervous system, and other glands. When cannabinoids trigger these receptors, this can result in enhanced brain activity and mood stabilization. Other benefits to activating CB1 receptors include support of normal blood pressure and healthy inflammatory responses. 

CB2 receptors are spread throughout the body. They’re found in peripheral organs and work with the cardiovascular system, immune system, and muscular system. When the CB2 receptors are supported, diseases like cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and psychiatric problems may be avoided. CB2 receptor function also plays a role in enhancing bone and joint health, connective tissue support, and supporting a normal inflammatory response. 

CBD creates the benefits of pet CBD products through indirect actions on these endocannabinoid receptors. This is why the benefits of CBD oil for dogs are so extensive and holistic. 


The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs offers a range of health benefits that promote long-term health and vitality.

Supports The Immune System

CBD supports normal cardiovascular, immune, and neurological functions. It can promote healthy cellular activity through the body while promoting the body’s innate resistance to pathogens. CBD may reduce free radical damage and support antioxidant function. 

Supports Healthy Brain Activity

If your old dog is hesitant to learn new tricks, CBD may promote healthy brain function and memory recall.

Relieves Discomfort

CBD helps maintain a normal inflammatory response in the body. Doing so may help with occasional discomfort, stiffness, or soreness associated with regular daily exercise and activity. 

May Help with Occasional or Seasonal Allergies

CBD supports animals with sensitive skin, either with internal or topical use. Carrier oils like coconut oil or hemp seed oil can also enrich the CBD product by providing omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid, and other nutritional antioxidants. CBD supports skin health and may soothe skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies. 

Promotes Relaxation

CBD is well known for its ability to help with external stresses. Giving your dog CBD may help with contentment during separation, travel, motion sickness, or tension caused by changes in your pet’s daily routine. By providing emotional balance, CBD may keep your dog calm and relaxed.

Helps Your Pet Remain Active

CBD hemp extract may ease joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity. Cannabidiol supports bone, joint health, and connective tissue support. When your dog’s limbs function as they should, they’re more flexible and can have an active and healthy lifestyle. 

What Problems Can CBD Help Dogs With?

Pet studies for the effects of CBD are on the rise. Since the canine and human endocannabinoid systems function in the same way, human studies have shown that CBD can help dogs in similar ways. 

Here are some conditions that may be treated with the addition of CBD oil:

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Finding the perfect dose of full-spectrum CBD for your dog can take a little time. You want their dosage to be effective while avoiding adverse reactions.  As with medications and other supplements, the correct dosage of CBD oil for your dog will depend on your pet’s body weight and ailment. 

CBD Dosage for Dogs

Every brand will have dosage guidelines to accompany its CBD pet products. CBD dog treats can have varying measurements of CBD per item. With CBD oils, you will also come across different CBD potencies per bottle, which will affect the dose.

First, find your dog’s weight. From there, calculate how many milligrams (mg) of CBD to give your dog. A general guideline is to fall within the range of 1-5 mg CBD per 10lbs of body weight. A 70-lb dog, therefore, could receive anywhere from 7-35mg CBD a day. 

We suggest starting with the lowest dose and gradually increasing it. Make sure to monitor your dog for improvements in their health, but also any side effects. 

CBD Side Effects in Dogs

CBD oil is generally well tolerated. During a safety assessment study with CBD soft chews, 97% of canine subjects showed no adverse reactions. However, some dogs are more sensitive and may show temporary, non-threatening side effects to CBD products.

  • Diarrhea – Many believe that carrier oils cause diarrhea rather than CBD itself. Lower your dog’s dose to avoid bouts of gastrointestinal upset. 
  • Dry Mouth – Cannabidiol can lead to a decrease in saliva production, which can make your dog thirsty. Make sure you give your pet fresh water daily. 
  • Low Blood Pressure – Low blood pressure can lead to lethargy, sluggishness, and nausea. Again, lower the dose until you find a happy measurement that agrees with your pet’s body. 

So long as the CBD product contains less than 0.3 % THC, the above side effects are your only concern while finding the proper CBD dose for your pet. 


How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

Once you’re ready to introduce your pup to some cannabis goodness, there are a few methods you can try to integrate CBD oils into their lifestyle. 

Sublingual Application

Using the tincture dropper, and administering CBD directly into your dog’s mouth, either under their tongue or on their gums, is a good method if you’re looking for quick results. This method works well if your dog is comfortable with your fingers in or around their mouth.

Make It Part of Mealtime

Giving your pet CBD at mealtime sets a good habit. By offering CBD oil with their food, you also mask the cannabis flavor, which is helpful if your dog usually avoids anything out of the ordinary. 

Mix It With Something They Love

Does your pet go bonkers for bone broth? Some dogs love grated cucumber or chopped banana. Whatever their weakness, offer their favorite irresistible snack with a few drops of CBD oil for dogs. Peanut butter is another goodie. Brands like Honest Paws have developed a CBD-infused peanut butter that can be given to your dog as is or added to their favorite Kong toy.

Use Dog Treats

Pet parents can drip CBD oil onto porous dog treats for easy administration. Another great option is already-made CBD dog treats flavored for pet appreciation, specifically ones made with natural, organic ingredients that won’t upset your dog’s stomach. Often CBD dog treats include other natural ingredients to aid mobility, calmness, or relief.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil to Work in Dogs?

The bloodstream quickly absorbs the CBD with sublingual (under the tongue) applications, allowing the effects to kick in within 20-60 minutes. Absorption through the stomach delays the response, wherein pet parents usually see results within 45-90 minutes. 

It’s important to preempt your dog’s needs. For example, if your pet struggles with isolation anxiety, offer them CBD oil an hour before you leave to ensure they’re calm and relaxed before you head out the door. 

Best CBD Oil for Dogs 

According to the Brightfield Group, the pet CBD market in the US grew by 946% in 2019. This explosion in the world of CBD products means that pet owners are spoilt for choice when buying CBD oil for their beloved animals. However, not all CBD products have been tested and approved for quality.  

Here are a few non-negotiables to ensure your dog gets a high-quality CBD product:

  • Hemp-Derived. CBD for dogs needs to be hemp-derived to ensure safety and a low THC content. CBD is sourced from the stalk, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant. Please don’t confuse this with hemp seed oil made only from hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega oils, but doesn’t contain CBD. Hemp oil with CBD and other cannabinoids will include the words “CBD hemp,” “full-spectrum hemp,” or “PCR hemp oil.”
  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil is the best option for yourself and your pet. While broad-spectrum and isolate CBD oils have their benefits, full-spectrum hemp oil contains whole-plant medicines and is superior in its entourage effect on the endocannabinoid system. 
  • Organic. When you give your dog CBD oil products, you want to be confident that no harmful chemicals are in the goods. Look for a brand that uses organic US-grown hemp. Organic farming practices mean no pesticides or toxic chemicals were used in the soil or for pest control. This is important because hemp absorbs toxins from the soil, so contaminants can potentially make end up in the final CBD product. 
  • CO2 Extraction is the best extraction method for cannabis. CO2 extraction produces pure, high-quality CBD oil, which involves little to no post-processing.
  • Non-GMO and Allergy-Free. CBD hemp oil stands out when it’s non-GMO and free of common allergens like dairy, soy, gluten, and corn. Dogs can have an allergic reaction to these ingredients, leading to gastrointestinal upset. 
  • A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is an in-depth lab report issued after third-party lab testing. When asked, a reputable company will be transparent with this information. By viewing the third-party COA, you will be able to confirm the potency of the CBD oil, the THC content (you want less than 0.3%), and the active presence of other beneficial botanicals. An honest report will also state any traces of impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, or mold. 

Finally, do some digging and see what the public is saying about CBD brands on your shortlist. Go with a company that has glowing reviews, is in good standing with the FDA, and has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. 


Paw High Five For CBD Pet Products

CBD products are easily accessible online or at your closest vet or retail store. 

Whether your furry friend needs help with relaxation, mobility, pain relief, or a wellness boost, choose lab-tested CBD oil products that tick the boxes for quality and excellence. 

If you’ve been taking cannabis products for your benefit, why not give CBD pet products a try for the furry family members in your life? We’re pretty sure your pet will think cannabis is paw-some for their body, too.


How much CBD oil can I give my dog? 

A general guideline is to fall within the range of 1-5 mg CBD per 10lbs of body weight.

What is the best CBD oil for dogs?  

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the best option for your pet. While broad-spectrum and isolate CBD oils have their benefits, full-spectrum hemp oil contains whole-plant compounds and therefore provides more potent health benefits. 

Is CBD oil safe for dogs? 

Yes, CBD oil is safe for dogs as long as it’s hemp-derived. Hemp has high percentages of CBD but less than 0.3% THC. Do not give your dog CBD extracted from marijuana.

Will CBD get my dog high? 

Due to the less than 0.3% THC in hemp, your pet cannot get high or overdose on good quality CBD oil. 

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs? 

CBD products are easily accessible online or at your closest vet. Some supermarkets or small stores will retail CBD products too. 

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**This was made in partnership with Honest Paws

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