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 08/11/2020


Every marijuana enthusiast has smoked out one Water pipe, also known as a bong, at some point in their life. Smoking from a water bong was the established and preferred inhalation method from the early 1980s to the mid-2000s. There were several reasons for its popularity that encompassed both health and recreational aspects. Even today, bongs are widely used by weed fans around the world. However, there is a new device that steals the spotlight – Dry Herb Vaporizer. The first modern vape was invented in China around 2001, but it wasn’t widely used until 2008. Now that we are in 2019, marijuana vaporizers are just as recognized and used as bongs, maybe even more so. This raises two questions: what is the difference and which is better?

Water pipe

A water bong is a combustion-based device that uses water filtration to remove some of the toxins created by this heating process. The idea is that when you set the marijuana on fire, the smoke will let water through first, which will save some of the tar, ash, and butane. The water also adds a cooling element that is said to reduce throat burns. There are also a variety of bongs with different percolators that can allow additional filtration of carcinogens. The general benefit of using bongs is that they are better for health than traditional glass pipes. Heavy hits don’t burn hot and therefore taste better. Now let’s analyze how a vaporizer compares.


A marijuana vaporizer is a mechanical device that uses either convection or conduction heating methods to produce pure THC vapor. Convection heating involves indirect heating while conduction heats the herb directly, but neither of these methods will burn the flower. Using steam avoids smoke, tar, ash, and the other 4,000 carcinogens associated with smoking.

Marijuana vaporizer Usually offer preset or precise temperature control that allows users to set their perfect temperature and avoid overly hot steam. They’re also available in a variety of sizes, from desktop devices like the Volcano, which can be used at home for amazing joint sessions, to ultra-portable and discreet vapes like the Atmos Micro Pal. There are numerous benefits to using a weed vaporizer: it eliminates burn, allows temperature control for enhanced flavor, and can be as portable or as large as a user needs.

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