DIY Rooting Agents to Clone and Grow Thanks to Weed!

Growing cannabis is a fun and challenging activity – but it can teach you so much about life and plants in general. Today we’re going to talk about root agents, what they are – how to make your own, and how to use them!

You may have heard breeders talk about “sticking a cut in a root hormone” and you may have thought, “Where the hell can I get this?”

While it’s true, you could probably buy this from a kindergarten or gardening store – the truth is, you can do it yourself for next to nothing, too.

So, without talking too much about the bush – let’s jump in right away, shall we?

Why use rooting agents?

For cannabis, there are typically two uses for the use of root matter:

Promotion of firm root development in the first part of growth

Clone desired plants

When you germinate your seeds and plant them in your starter cap, you can use some rooting “tea” to encourage the roots to develop.

A good root system means your plant can support larger nugs as it can absorb more nutrients from the growing medium. If you encourage this in the first week or two of plant development, you will have a significant benefit later on.

Second, if you have a plant that you think is just “The Tits,” then you most likely want to clone it.

With root matter, you can easily clone any plant. Depending on the time you are cloning, you can just make copies of a fantastic “mother plant” or try super cropping by re-flowering clones that are in the flowering stage.

Even so, root compounds are becoming a vital part of any grower’s arsenal.

How do I make a rooting tea?

One of the best things to do while sprouting cannabis seeds is to sprout a handful of lentils as well. This is because lentils contain root hormones and you can use these to promote the roots of your cannabis plants.

How do you do it?

Sprout a handful of lentils

Once the sprouts are about 5-7 days old, crush them all and transfer the liquid to a container

Mix this liquid 1:10 [1 part to 10 of water].

So when you have 100 ml of lentil juice, mix it with 1 liter of water. If you don’t know the metric system, you should probably google this shit!

Now that you have the rooting agent, just use it to water the roots for the first 2 weeks of development. Try to water the outside of the plant rather than the base of the stem itself.

They will try to encourage lateral root growth. So when you water the edge, let the roots go that way. But also remember to add some water to the center of the stem as this is supposed to encourage development.

Rooting agents for cloning

The next use of root agents is cloning. Cloning is actually a lot easier than you can imagine, and by growing some complementary plants, you can consistently obtain root materials.

Here is a brief overview of some of the possible options:

lenses [we covered this]


Apple Cider Vinegar




Aloe vera

Yes, you read that right – even your spit can help root it, though not the most effective method.

Today we will only deal with the “honey” solution and the “aloe vera solution”, mainly because the latter offers additional benefits.

To turn honey into a root hormone, you simply need to boil two cups of water and add a tablespoon of honey. Wait for the solution to cool, then save it. It will take up to two weeks.

To clone, simply cut the stem off at a 45 ° angle and dip the end into the solution. Put it in a starter cap right away and pray to the ganja gods for it to take root.

Let’s make aloe vera

Now let’s go to my favorite. Aloe Vera is a succulent that is very easy to grow and naturally produces more offspring. If you have enough containers, this is a succulent that you can grow en masse that will help you with more than just weed growing.

To make your own aloe concoction, just take a “leaf” and cut a decent portion for yourself. You then cut this part in half and remove the “gel” from it.

This gel alone can be used as a rooting agent. You just dip the cut in the solution and let it grow!

You can also take the gel and mix it with some water and put it in a nebuliser. Aloe not only helps with root growth, it also protects against disease and disease and increases the efficiency of the leaf in absorbing nutrients.

I often use aloe vera sprays to keep my plants lush and large during the flowering period. Combine that with some banana tea – and you will definitely have some great nugs that will impress!

Bottom line

Rooting agents are a must have for any grower looking to take their growth to the next level. The aim of this article is to provide you with solutions that you can do at home. As mentioned earlier, there are several solutions – but the ones I shared today are by far my preferred, low-cost solutions that actually work!

If you’re looking to grow your own weeds, these DIY rooters should become part of your grower’s arsenal. When I discovered these DIY solutions, operating costs were reduced significantly as I now use my own grocery shopping and cooking as part of my grow operations.

If you want to make a rooting agent, now you have everything you need!







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