Curaleaf is the headquarters of Green Wednesday in Arizona

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Celebrate the holiday in style with big deals on top brands and hot strains.

Curaleaf believes cannabis is for everyone. Their knowledgeable staff pride themselves on helping clients find the perfect high, no matter where you are on your cannabis journey. There’s never been a better time to deepen your relationship with plants and Curaleaf’s friendly experts are here to help.

Curaleaf’s Arizona locations have pulled out all the stops for Green Wednesday, bringing a selection of dynamite brands and varieties at incredible prices.

Green Wednesday deals at Curaleaf:

$55 oz – Curaleaf Brand Flower Silver Tier

$15 1g Curaleaf brand concentrates

$70 oz – Sublime Flower

30% discount – Med Only customers

Read on to see some of our top product selections on sale for Curaleaf’s Green Wednesday extravaganza, November 21-23, and find even more deals near you.

BOGO Jeeter

Curaleaf Green WednesdayImage courtesy of Curaleaf.

Jeeter is more than just a cannabis brand, they are a lifestyle, an ethos, a way of being. Not only do they produce premium flower, infused pre-rolls and live resin; They also offer the king of concentrates: liquid diamonds. Jeeter also works with pro athletes like Ricky Williams and Dwayne Wade to offer “Boutique Drops,” exclusive limited-edition bundles with stylish collectible packaging. For Green Wednesday, Curaleaf is offering a BOGO deal on all Jeeter products, meaning heavy discounts on this premium weed. Jeeter hits it out of the park every time.

Select B2G2

Courtesy of Curaleaf

Select Cannabis is one of the cannabis industry’s leaders and consistently demonstrates an exemplary commitment to safety, quality and ingenuity. The edibles, cartridges, and tinctures offered by Select are backed by their legendary testing standards, so you can be assured you’ll be enjoying only the purest cannabis distillates. You can stock up on all Select products this Green Wednesday only at Curaleaf by buy two, get two. And that’s not all; When you buy a new Select Cliq gravity vape pod, you get a free battery. There’s never been a better time to try Select’s innovative new vapor delivery system.

BOGO Timeless

Curaleaf Green WednesdayImage courtesy of Curaleaf.

Timeless Vapes believes in offering exceptionally clean and effective cannabis distillates and setting a standard for excellence. Founded in 2013 with medical patients in mind, Timeless continues to produce vape cartridges and batteries from USA-made medical-grade materials. Timeless also believe that you should be able to enjoy your cannabis with subtlety and style, and frequently collaborates with trend-setting artists such as Ricky Powell and Ghostface Killah to create eye-catching clamshell cases and batteries to keep your vape clean and Insta-ready stays. Visit any Curaleaf location in Arizona this Green Wednesday for BOGO deals on all Timeless products.

Curaleaf has the offerings to take your Green Wednesday to the next level. Find a location near you to start saving.

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