Curaleaf is New Jersey’s home for Green Wednesday deals

Presented by Curaleaf

With a legendary range of varieties and brands, Curaleaf is here to make your Green Wednesday spectacular.

Offers at Curaleaf locations in New Jersey 20.11.-23.11.:

25% discount on 3.5g of Curaleaf flowers

– Five 1g Curaleaf Pre-Rolls for $70 (each additional Curaleaf Pre-Roll $14 from 11/20-11/23)

25% discount on selected branded vapes

Curious newbies just starting their cannabis journey and seasoned cannabis lovers alike will find a home at Curaleaf. Their knowledgeable staff values ​​your history with cannabis and wants to help you deepen your relationship with the ancient plant. Where other pharmacies can get bogged down in jargon and technical terms, Curaleaf staff pride themselves on being customer focused, personable and helping you find the products that give you the right experience at the right price.

Curaleaf has some huge specials in store for its New Jersey customers this Green Wednesday, with top brands, a wide range of strains and hot deals just for you. Read on to learn more about the Rockstar brands you can find at Curaleaf and check out some special offers just for the Garden State.

Save some green on Green Wednesday

Curaleaf Green WednesdayImage courtesy of Curaleaf.

From Sunday 20th November to Green Wednesday 23rd November, Curaleaf is pleased to offer a 25% discount on all Curaleaf branded 3.5g flowers. You read that right: all shelves, all varieties, only for Green Wednesday.

Curaleaf has you covered for the traditional Thanksgiving pre-dinner session with its Cousin Walk Special: Five 1g Curaleaf pre-rolls for just $70, each additional pre-roll for $14. With these prices, you can extend your cousin walk to the whole family.

Finally, Curaleaf is offering 25% off select vapes, except for the Essentials line. Select Cannabis subjects their vapes to legendary quality control standards so you know you’re getting the good stuff. Sit back, relax and see what Select can do for you.

Squeeze by selecting

Curaleaf Green WednesdayImage courtesy of Curaleaf.

While Select Cannabis is industry-renowned for their vapes, they also proudly produce edibles, tinctures, and a whole host of other safe, potent cannabis products. The latest creation from these innovators is Squeeze, a perfectly dosed 5 mg THC drink enhancer that lets you turn anything into a cannabis-infused drink. Available in four delicious flavors, this pocket-sized powerhouse is perfect for on-the-go, and the water-soluble formula is lightning-fast; You will feel the effects in just fifteen minutes. Select is legendary in the industry for its rigorous quality control standards, meaning you can relax and enjoy no matter where you slink.

B noble flower

Curaleaf Green WednesdayImage courtesy of Curaleaf.

When Brandon Noble was put behind bars for riding his bike with two joints in his pocket, he became one of tens of thousands of people wrongfully jailed for cannabis possession. He spent seven years separated from his wife and family before national outrage led to his release. In his honor, celebrity, artist, filmmaker and cannabis advocate Fab Five founded Freddy B NOBLE, a cannabis brand that aims to use cannabis to end this long-standing injustice and help improve the lives of those affected by Prohibition restore people. Whenever you purchase a premium brand Flower B NOBLE pre-roll two-pack, Curaleaf will donate 10% of the proceeds to a local community organization committed to providing returning citizens with the support they need to pursue a prosperous future of incarceration, like New Jersey’s own From the Block to the Boardroom. Enjoying plants and making the world a better place go very well together.

With three convenient New Jersey locations catering to both medical patients and consumers, there’s a Curaleaf near you so you can join in the Green Wednesday celebrations. Shop these offers and more from 11/20 – 11/23.

Curaleaf Green WednesdayImage courtesy of Curaleaf.

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