Colorado is auctioning 14 cannabis-themed license plates for a good cause

To raise money for a charitable cause – the Colorado Disability Funding Committee – Colorado is auctioning a number of cannabis-themed labels to the highest bidder in honor of 420 and the cannabis acceptance the state is known for.

In particular, funding from the cannabis-themed auction will be used to support assistance with disability applications and other programs that can help improve the quality of life and overall health of the Colorado disabled community.

Lucky bidders have access to 14 custom stoner phrases including “BONG”, “GANJA”, “TEGRIDY”, “ISIT420” and “HASH”.

Success for Cannabis-themed Marks

So far, the mission to raise money with cannabis labeling rights has been a great success. The “ISIT420” disk was priced at $ 6,500 at the time of this writing. Bids will be received by 4:20 p.m. on April 20 this year.

“Colorado prides itself on our creativity and ingenuity. We have been a leader in cannabis for over a decade and these efforts enable us to fund critical projects and programs in our disabled community, ”said Governor Jared Polis. As a Liberal Democrat, Polis has long been a proponent of legal cannabis, which was already established and legalized in his state when he became governor. Under his leadership, cannabis remained a vital industry during the COVID lockdown.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to fund a program for people with disabilities. I am very excited to be supporting these efforts and look forward to seeing which plate brings in the most funding, ”added Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera added.

People who win their bids and get access to cannabis license plates that they can use whenever they want. However, you only get access to the rights; They will still have to pay registration fees and personalized sign protection fees as well as additional fees when using designer backgrounds on their vanity.

While exciting for both the cause and the people who get their vanity tops, Polis’ testimony also reminds the public that while he endorses this creative use of license plate codes for a good cause, it’s never a good idea Mixing cannabis use and getting behind the wheel.

“Cannabis interferes with the critical skills required to drive safely, which can lead to an accident,” the official Colorado state statement said. “A DUI can cost more than $ 13,500 and include jail time, loss of license, and more.”

While the idea of ​​having a cannabis vanity is certainly fun, it remains to be seen whether these avid motorists actually put the license plates on their regular vehicles. Despite the fact that cannabis is legal and mainstream in Colorado, 420 license plates could still attract unwanted attention from the authorities.

That being said, this cannabis-inspired program has raised a ton of money for disabled people in Colorado who could use post-COVID support, and it’s a great example of what cannabis-infused philanthropy can do.

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