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Should you have another cup of coffee now? Sometimes it’s a really hard question to answer, especially when you’re super baked. The quality of cannabis is quite high these days and that can lead to severe burnout, especially if you smoke MK Ultra. Therefore, many stoners rely on caffeine. This can lead to internal conflict, especially when factors like sleep come into play.

To help you decide whether or not to have a mug or not, I’ve created a crucial caffeine crossword puzzle. This may seem ridiculous, but it can be very helpful. The caffeine free community has no use for this little game, but if you like a liquid burst of energy you will likely find it useful.

How to use the decision caffeine crossword

The puzzle is simple and when you complete it you can have your coffee and drink it too! The questions are all true or false and can be answered in any order. Completing this puzzle equates to guilt-free caffeine. However, if you don’t quit, the decision will be based on how close you got. If the questions seem too vague to answer, see the guide below.


Question leader

1, The first question deals with pointless consumption. Is Caffeine What You Really Want?

2, whether it is physical or mental, when you feel tired, answer true.

3, This question is about asking yourself why you stay awake and how vigilant you need to be. How much do you need and do you want to concentrate right now?

4, Power Naps can be quite effective, but some people may not be able to fall asleep during the day. In addition to the right circumstances, answer true if you want to take a nap.

5, Caffeine makes some people anxious and nervous and it can creep in on you especially when you are feeling tired. Answer this question based on how you are feeling right now. If you want caffeine but shouldn’t have it, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Is It Really Worth It For Your Health?

6, food is fuel for the brain as well as the body. Without it, you are sure to be below average. Don’t replace your calories with caffeine. Go eat something and start the crossword puzzle from the beginning.

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