5 Life Hacks That Will Make You Happier

There is no such thing as a life hack to happiness, but there are ways to find little moments of joy in your daily life.

Activities like exercise and meditation are all effective in making your life fuller. However, to gain any benefits, they need to be incorporated into your habits and routines. They are not quick hacks. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make you feel a little better and make room for self-care while taking up just a few minutes of your day.

Here are 5 life hacks that will make you happier:

Listen to a happy song

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It sounds like a stupid thing, but music has a huge impact on how we feel. Just think of the difference a good soundtrack makes in training. A happy song that you love or that just makes you feel like you are dancing is an easy way to lift your mood when you need it most, relieve your stress and increase your energy levels.

Think of someone you love

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When you think of people you love or trust, oxytocin is created in the brain. This hormone, also known as the love hormone, is a chemical that makes you feel happy. When you think of that person, text them, or call them on the phone, you release that hormone and, no matter how stressed you are, you feel like someone out there with your back.

Do your most difficult task first

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Getting your toughest task out of the way is the easiest way to feel lighter, open up to free time, and get some nagging stress off your back. Getting this important task out of the way will make you feel fulfilled. It will also make all of your remaining tasks less challenging and difficult.

Be nice to someone

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Being kind to someone, whether that means a smile in the street or a nice comment to a stranger or a waiter, will increase your happiness. It doesn’t matter what the act is as long as you do it on purpose.

Go out

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Spending some time outdoors is an easy way to feel happy and more creative. A study from the UK found that people who moved to greener areas improved their mental health. The benefits lingered for a long time, with an effect for up to three years after the subject first moved to its new green neighborhoods.

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