Cannacurio: Virginia’s Industrial Hemp – Overview

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Last week we reported on one of the three license types administered by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). This regulator manages hemp registrations for all participants in the value chain, including growers, processors and traders. As with hemp dealers, regulators will report these licenses to state police and law enforcement agencies.

License matters

In total we found 2,299 licenses with cultivation as the most common activity:

This is in line with what we’ve seen in other states where cultivators make up the majority of licenses. Hemp cultivators account for 63% of the active hemp licenses in the database, so Virginia isn’t too far off the norm.

Virginia Industrial Hemp Licenses by Activity


Licenses have been registered across the state covering most of the 95 counties and independent cities. Here is the ranking for the top 11:

Virginia Hemp License Leaderboard

Vertical integration

Since we’ve reviewed hemp licenses, vertical integration is a factor that we consider important. If companies buy a lot of licenses, it can change the competitive nature of the industry. In Virginia, based on trade names, there doesn’t seem to be too much concentration, although many licensees have received 2, 3, or even 4 licenses:

Virginia Vertical Integration of Hemp Licenses

325 licensees have received 745 licenses, which corresponds to about 32% of the total license granted. In Texas, we found less concentration with 88% of licensees getting a license, compared to just 68% in Virginia. This at least depends somewhat on the license types available. Virginia’s activities were more traditional than those offered in Texas because they included a trial license.

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