Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Cannabis Marketing Association

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The goal of the Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) is to bring the cannabis marketing community together to share best practices through collective knowledge. It supports the professional development of cannabis communications professionals by providing industry training, cultivating community and establishing best practices.

Cannabiz Media recently spoke with CMA CEO Lisa Buffo on a Cannacurio podcast, and part of the discussion highlighted how CMA uses the email marketing tool within the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to promote its events.

Why is CMA partnering with Cannabiz Media?

As the name suggests, CMA focuses its efforts on email marketing within the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.

License holders make up a large portion of their audience for conferences and events. With the platform, CMA is able to obtain and segment license holder email addresses and develop campaigns to communicate with them.

“It was really helpful and we saw a positive effect,” explains Lisa. “We have determined that the data is correct. And having that resource instead of spending the time to do it yourself – you saved our team time.”

What advice does CMA have for email marketing?

Lisa has two pieces of marketing advice for cannabis email marketing (although these are helpful points for all marketing!):

  1. Remember that your customers are sentient, breathing human beings. Fancy design and creative writing that doesn't treat them like emotional creatures won't work. You need to build trust with your community.
  2. The proven method of inbound marketing works and takes time. This is about creating content that your customers are looking for and helping them answer their questions.

The most important insight: thoughtfulness goes a long way. Companies spend millions of dollars on fancy campaigns that don't treat their customers like real people. There is no amount of money that can compensate for that.

To learn more about the email marketing tool within the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform or how it can help you market your product, service or event to license holders like CMA, schedule a quick demo.

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