Cannabis users do something over the holidays

It's the holiday season and people are celebrating hard. Surveys on this question suggest that alcohol consumption increases in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's. For some people it's even double what they drink the rest of the year. But what do cannabis users do over the holidays? Well, Green Wednesday should be an indicator as it is one of the biggest marijuana days of the year. There has also been a huge increase in usage there.

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That's why about 70% of cannabis users say they plan to consume more weed and less alcohol over the holidays, CBD Oracle, a cannabis consumer research firm, reported in a new survey. With the December holidays traditionally associated with increased alcohol consumption, it looks like cannabis is set to take over the holiday season.

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CBD Oracle surveyed 1,925 U.S. adults – all of whom had used cannabis at least once – about how the holidays will affect their weed consumption.

The results were amazing. Over 68.7% said they would use more over Christmas, 47.8% said they would use “a lot more” and 20.9% said they would use “a little more”.

Over half of respondents said cannabis helped them cope with the financial and social stress of the holidays, while also helping them sleep and improve their mood. These were the two most popular reasons.

Additionally, 47.7% said they would enjoy getting high with family members over the holidays, including 77% of those with many family members who already use cannabis.

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Cannabis appears to help people get through sensitive discussions about politics, at least according to 48% of respondents, while 61.5% said it would make them more comfortable dealing with anti-vaccine family members.

“The entire global market has changed since March 2020, and cannabis is no exception,” shared Mark Mellone, Chief Research Officer of CBD Oracle. “The way people consume cannabis and the reasons for doing so have also changed post-COVID. Our mission here is to detail these changes and help people better adapt to difficult circumstances and relationships. At no time is this felt as profoundly as during the holidays.”

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