Cannabis Sustainability Symposium arrives in front of a virtual audience this week

The global cannabis community will have the opportunity to examine trends in sustainable production and other issues relevant to the industry during the cannabis sustainability symposium, which will be unveiled to a global audience this week. Founded by the City of Denver’s Cannabis Sustainability Working Group and Cannabis Certification Council, the event will be held live online on May 20-21 and will feature prominent speakers from around the world leading up to date discussions on sustainability.

The cannabis sustainability symposium

The Cannabis Sustainability Symposium brings together top experts from around the world to discuss the environmental challenges facing the cannabis industry and best practices for addressing them. The event is designed to provide education on the latest tools, technologies and techniques for efficient cannabis production and the opportunity for attendees to develop new partnerships to advance sustainability initiatives. The symposium is an internationally recognized event and collaboration between the City of Denver and the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC), a nonprofit organization focused on educating the cannabis industry and consumers about sustainable, high quality practices.

Last year’s cannabis sustainability symposium took place in October and included sessions on energy efficiency, social justice, sustainable packaging, carbon sequestration, water conservation, waste reduction, new technologies and supply chain efficiency, among others. In 2020 and 2021, the CCC produced a large number of virtual events, including the CSS series “HAPPY PLANTS!”. and sponsored Q&A sessions.

“Building on the success of our online events in 2020 and 2021, we look forward to virtually bringing together industry experts for the May Symposium,” said Ben Gelt, CEO of the CCC, in a press release. “Sustainability is at the heart of the industry focus and the symposium will shed light on best practices, biggest problems and solutions for a sustainable future.”

The environmental impact of cannabis production

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the country (and around the world), there is increasing scrutiny of interest in the environmental impact of the legal marijuana industry. Research from Colorado State University found that cannabis production causes more greenhouse gas emissions than the state coal industry, and that growing just one ounce of cannabis indoors can have the same environmental impact as burning seven to 16 gallons of gas. According to information from New Frontier Data, indoor cannabis grow laboratories produce 25 times more carbon than outdoor growing and are 70 times more energy-intensive than commercial office buildings.

In addition to sustainable cannabis production, the symposium will host events addressing other industry-relevant issues, including emerging economies and social justice programs. Susan Soares, the CEO of the state of Cannabis and a children’s author from California, will host a panel on cannabis events at the symposium. She believes the cannabis reform should include provisions that allow people to freely enjoy the plant.

“With cannabis legalization going online in so many states and countries, it strikes me that an important element that is being overlooked is the ability to connect with people and the plant,” Soares said in an email to High times. “In many countries where cannabis is legal, there is no place where cannabis can be legally consumed. That makes no sense.”

“Cannabis culture is ingrained and needs to be given a chance to flourish,” she added. “By making cannabis consumption events and lounges an important part of the legalization process, the culture will determine their success, not the suits that this beautiful plant has never consumed.”

The Cannabis Sustainability Symposium 2021, which is taking place for the sixth time, starts on Thursday, May 20, at 11:00 a.m. (CET) and lasts until 1:30 p.m. the following day. Additional information, including an event schedule and a link to purchase tickets, is available online.

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