Boltzmann’s Infinite Mind Theory and how cannabis plays a role in expanding our universe

Don’t you just love a good ganja theory? I do! It’s like “high deas” but much deeper!

In today’s ganja theory, I want to talk about the origins of reality and offer you an alternative narrative to chew on.


Because people assume that the universe was shaped by the Big Bang and that was it – but in reality science is not as “set in stone” as the origins of the universe. In fact, there are several alternative narratives about our origins.

Of course, in the realm of Hermetic Philosophy – the question of what is outside the observable universe, a question of folly – they have a thought about what the universe might be like.

This is because Hermetic philosophers implement the Hermetic Principle to analyze things larger than themselves. One of these principles is “As above, so below”.

This essentially means that everything reflects everything, and while this may sound strange at first, once you start pulling the thread, things start to make sense.

For example, the atomic universe and the observable universe behave similarly to orbits, atomic particle smashing, subtle forces manipulating things, and so on.

Of course – as with any philosophy or idea, everything is “subjective” and controversial – but in the interests of our ganja theory today, we simply assume that everything is true as an exercise in creativity and intelligence.

The theory I’m going to share today is just a thought experiment. So before you think this is LAW, have a shit fit, relax, smoke a bowl, and let’s think about some crazy theories …. ok?

Here we go!

Are we just brains floating in space?

This thought experiment was designed by an Austrian physicist, Ludwig Boltzmann (1844–1906), who proposed the Boltzmann brain in 1896 to explain the fact that humans are in a universe that is not as chaotic as the emerging one The field of thermodynamics seemed to be predicting.

According to Wikipedia;

“The Boltzmann brain argument suggests that a single brain is more likely to spontaneously and briefly form in a void (with a false memory of having existed in our universe) than the universe in the modern way Science believes this was actually the case. In this physical thought experiment, a Boltzmann brain is a fully formed brain with memories of a full human life in our universe that arises from a state of thermodynamic equilibrium due to extremely rare random fluctuations. Theoretically, atoms in a void could coincidentally come together over an extremely large, but not infinite period of time in such a way that a functioning human brain is put together. Like any brain under such circumstances, it would stop functioning and begin to deteriorate almost immediately. “

In other words, when the universe finally reaches “heat death” or a state of ultimate entropy, the universe itself would be a soup of atomic particles swaying in an infinite void.

Over time, these particles could reconfigure themselves to physically create a brain that would only exist for brief moments and then return to the soup where it came from.


This brain would theoretically create the entire concept of the universe and, in a fraction of an instant, live the “entire life” of a person from birth to death during the tiny life cycle of the brain.

In theory, there would be an infinite number of Boltzmann brains, millions upon millions of them with the exact configuration of their bran.

Interestingly, these Boltzmann brains couldn’t be any different from yours. In other words, you could very well be one of the millions of Boltzmann brains floating in the infinite void right now, thinking that all of this universe and existence is “real” when in reality you are a brain that is about to the return is back to “soup”!

The infinite spirit of hermeticism

Within Hermetic Philosophy, one of the principles is that “the universe is a mental construct”. Hermetic philosophers believe that the entire universe is a thought form in an infinite mind. Much like you can think of something, create it in the eye of the mind and then let it crumble back into the blackness of your mind.

This “infinite mind” maintains everything we know. All rules, all natural laws, every single person. Hermeticists call it “The ALL”.

Within Hermetic Philosophy, the Infinite Mind will continue to expand the thought form, much like you would “daydream” of something in more complex detail. Finally, when a certain point is reached, the mind will withdraw the thought and resume the experiences created in that space.

When I first discovered the Boltzmann brain thought experiment, I immediately thought of the possibility of an infinite mind.

Boltzmann’s infinite mind

It’s safe to say that under Boltzmann’s parameters literally trillions of brains similar to yours could float in “The Soup” – it is also likely that in the infinite the formation of an infinite brain will also become a reality.

Suddenly the idea that the “all” holds the entire universe in an infinite mind becomes mathematically plausible.

If we combine Boltzmann’s practice with the Hermetic Principles, there is a possibility that an infinite spirit was born beyond infinity.

In contrast to these wavering brains that go in and out of pure randomness, the infinite mind could be sustained indefinitely, and the reality of that infinite mind could be sustained indefinitely.

This means that within these parameters we could all exist in an infinite brain floating in infinity, infinitely creating a projection that each of us is!

Now … take a deep blow from your bong – and think a little more about this shit! Are we just an infinite brain that exists in a soup of atoms and is convinced that we exist when we are really just the thought-forms of the infinite mind?







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