Biden is actually done federally legalizing weeds, Sen. Booker says

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Despite recent evidence to the contrary, President Biden may actually be on board a new plan to end the federal cannabis ban, according to Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ).

Booker worked with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) to draft a comprehensive new cannabis reform law. Senators have not yet announced whether the law will legalize weeds or just decriminalize them, but they have promised it will at least protect states that have chosen to legalize weeds from federal interference.

Last year, House legislators passed the Law on Opportunities, Reinvestment, and Eradication of Marijuana (MORE), a law to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Law, and another law on critical medical cannabis research. For the first time in US history, it is likely that Congress could finally pass a progressive cannabis reform bill this year.

Congressional support for the pot reform is growing significantly, but President Biden appears to be stuck in his forbidden past. In his previous role as a U.S. Senator, Biden was a leading advocate of the war on drugs, and he recently pushed for the Trump administration to expand its drug-ban policy. The president has further reiterated his opposition to legalization, and his administration has just laid off several White House staff who have admitted having achieved high achievements in the past.

However, according to Booker, the president’s resistance to weeds is based on semantics, not ideology. In a recent interview with the Hell & High Water Podcast, the Senator stated that Biden could be “a great partner” in promoting cannabis reform. “He believes in decriminalization – and as I told him when we first talked about it was, ‘Well, my bill is no different. I think states should be allowed to do what they want, ”Booker said, according to Marijuana Moment.

“I think it should be legalized, but what we need to do at the federal level is get marijuana off the list. And once you decriminalize marijuana, you open up states that are currently unable to do many things to give in to what I want to achieve, ”the Senator continued. “His political position on marijuana – he could say, ‘I’m not for legalization, I’m for decriminalization’ – as a federal civil servant, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

In a recent discussion of the upcoming bill, Schumer evaded the question of whether cannabis would be officially legalized or decriminalized at the federal level. He noted that the bill would prevent large alcohol and tobacco companies from dominating the US weed market, in favor of small businesses and entrepreneurs from marginalized communities.

Full details of the new legislation are missing, but hopefully not for long. Last week, Schumer said the bill was almost ready and “soon” will be introduced in the Senate.

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