All-in-one ASCND vapes are back

Kurvana’s ready-to-use all-in-one is soon to hit the California markets and back and better than ever. Known for its patented appearance, precise delivery, and compact design, major updates have been made to deliver breakthrough performance with the highest level of portability.

The ASCND ™ line from Kurvana offers high-quality oils that focus on intense potencies and a mild taste. Each oil offers maximum THC levels for instant, powerful effects. The brand new ceramic heating element and optimized airflow ensure instant, high dose withdrawals, wherever you want, whenever you want.

ASCND oils are high-cannabinoid extracts with a single origin and full spectrum. These oils are ideally formulated for users who value powerful psychoactive effects and a tough flower or weed flavor profile, while preserving important bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.

  1. All-In-One: Ready-to-use device
  2. Compact design: Delivers precise taste profiles
  3. Color-coded: Tribe-specific colors and branding
  4. Pre-filled: Real 0.5 ml extract
  5. Short Path Airflow: Delivers steam faster and more efficiently
  6. CTEC 2.0: Ceramic heating element for viscous ASCND oils
  7. Long-lasting: 380 mAh battery, up to 100 puffs
  8. Premium surfaces: long-lasting soft-touch coatings

The ASCND all-in-one collection includes: Dutch Treat, Earth OG, Jet Fuel, Purple Punch, Cosmic Glue, Mimosa, Wedding Cake, Cactus Cooler, High Fashion and Tangie Dream. For a more detailed breakdown of these strains, see the following notes:

Dutch pleasure

Indica / pine | Sweet | Citrus fruits

Dense sweet pine after a citric aftertaste leads to quick cerebral effects for relaxation of the mind.

Earth first floor

Indica / Earthy | Herbs | Spicy

Baking spices, kissed with a touch of earth and an undertone rich in OG, ended with full body relaxation.


Indica / Earthy | Diesel | lemon

Strongly peaceful feelings, evoked by the ultimate cross of the most famous diesel tribes.

Purple blow

Indica / Earthy | Berry | diesel

A deep taste of sweet sticky OG and grape candy that gradually puts you in a calm and pleasant mindset.

Cosmic glue

Hybrid / Diesel | Lemon | Sharp

A euphoric diesel that relaxes your body and mind while taking a leap in your step.


Hybrid / Sweet | Sour | Citrus fruits

Soothing citrus notes that offer a balanced level of comfort and are reminiscent of a relaxing brunch with friends.

wedding cake

Hybrid / Sweet | Vanilla | Flowers

A delicious indulgence full of rich floral and decadent vanilla notes that offers a balanced euphoria when you exhale.

Cactus cooler

Sativa / Earthy | Orange | Citrus fruits

Invigorating desert fruit flavors merge with an intoxicating Kush aftertaste.

High fashion

Sativa / berry | Sweet | cake

Sweet and bubbly with notes of red berries that make for a relaxed but euphoric head change.

Tangie Dream

Sativa / citrus fruits | Orange | Sweet

The complementary taste of orange peel and sweet citrus oils offers a stimulating experience.

Find them on EAZE, online, or buy them locally here.

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