7 pre-ground, roll-ready weed packs that are worth trying

Pre-ground roll packs have become very popular because of their combination of practicality, convenience, and affordability.

Ready-to-roll packs usually contain about half an ounce of pre-ground flowers and roll paper, almost everything you need to get high on the go. They’re great for adventures, evenings with friends, and other low stakes situations where you want to curl up, roll frequently, and share with whoever – without the guilt that comes with wasting flowers on the top shelf for $ 20 each Gram goes hand in hand.

The restriction? For one, a mechanically ground flower will lose many of the trichomes, which contain the chemical compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids that get you high. The packs also dry out much faster than full nugs. And second, it’s easy for brands to grind something into the fine powder you’re rolling, like stems, leaves, and other fillers, without your knowing. Buying these roll packs can be a minefield, especially since opaque packaging prevents you from seeing what is going on inside them.

However, regardless of the small drawbacks, the price of cannabis is completely out of control. Half an ounce of potent middles for $ 50 is a godsend for many, especially those who want or need to smoke all the time but haven’t paid off that crypto yet.

That’s why we’ve simplified the pre-made guessing game by testing all the packs on the market and choosing only the best. Here are seven of the best pre-ground packs ready to roll anywhere.

Old Pal Appalachia ½ ounce Ready to Roll

Old Pal pioneered the concept of “divisible cannabis” when they launched the first pre-milled rolling pack a few years ago. Look forward now and this trendsetting brand has grown to be one of the most popular and built a great reputation with great vibes and solid flower.

They really made it even better with their new Appalachia Hybrid ½ oz Ready to Roll Pack. With 24.74% THC, the crystalline, crumbly goodness of this pre-ground substance sparkles. Gaseous, earthy, woody and damp, it smells of the deepest depths of an emerald green forest.

Fresh pine, eucalyptus, moist, alive … the high is clear, focused and I felt upbeat and ready to shit.

Available: California and Nevada

Stone Road ½ ounce Garlic Cookies Pre-Ground Pack

Stone Road is a super hip, queer cannaband known for good branding and better weed. The new ½ ounce Garlic Cookie Pre-Ground Pack doesn’t disappoint in any category. This gorgeous weed is priced at $ 50 for a half an ounce and has not been ground into bloody pulp. You can still feel the appearance of a fresh, damp flower that wouldn’t blow away if a breeze hit the rolling paper.

The Garlic Cookies Indica Hybrid is gaseous, moist and totally fireproof, with a dreamy head high that promotes calm, relaxation and – in the right situation – drowsiness.

Available: California

Baker ½ ounce GMO pre-ground cannabis

Baker is a new house brand from Canndescent, the California brand known for their runaway, incredible top-shelf flower. Baker, who specializes in various forms of pre-ground cannabis like rollpacks and prerolls, is exciting because people who don’t have the $ 60-70 can get access to the beautiful weeds they grow for an eighth of canndescent in an extremely discounted package.

This high quality pouch costs just $ 45-60 for the half ounce depending on the variety and offers some of the best value for your money on the market. For example, the variety of GMO we tried was so stinky it got through the mylar bag.

I was really impressed. It was fresh enough to give you a head high just from a whiff. Gaseous, flavorful, garlicky, and dark, this cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies will leave you feeling excited and bubbly before turning into a dreamy, relaxing head-high.

Available: California

Sublime Roll Your Own Infused Sativa 1/8

Sublime, the Oakland brand behind the popular mini tarantulas Fuzzies Infused Pre-Rolls, is back with a range of Roll Your Own Infused Cannabis Flower. Our favorite was the Super Silver Haze Sativa pack. It’s powerful, pre-ground, and pretty damn fire.

While these packs come in 3.5g, 7g and 14g, the 3.5g is enough for a day or night (or two). This flower is extremely powerful and you don’t have to smoke as much to know it almost immediately.

When I encountered this dark, earthy flower that appears to be distilled, I got lost in productivity and rearranged every plant in the house. Five stars.

Available: California

Reef Leaf Hyrbid pre-ground cannabis

This house brand from Caliva breaks the ½-ounce shape with its 5g option, but really delivers in terms of flower strength and quality.

Riffblatt costs $ 20 for the 5g, which is the equivalent of one gram on the top shelf in a pharmacy. No strain is listed on these packs, just Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica, and the flower is extremely finely ground, but the weed itself is fire.

With sharp notes of lush, earthy pine, I was really shocked by how strong it was. The intoxicating high kicked my ass – I immediately lost interest in my work and turned into a bunch of lazy joy in the best possible way. It’s fun, exhilarating, and completely relaxing, and is great for summer days, hot tubs, and sunsets.

Available: California

Deli Roll Ups Sativa

Deli, another Caliva house brand, offers a floral experience similar to the reef leaf, but this one comes in the traditional ½-ounce roll-pack. At $ 50 for a half an ounce, it’s good business that has chunky ground flowers with a round, woody odor. And while the aroma won’t put your socks off and the texture of the flower has some stems in it, this pouch serves as a solid reminder to never judge your flower by looks alone.

The high was amazing, enthusiastic, focused and overall really great for daytime use when you want to take off the benefit but still have a lot of shit to do.

Available: California

Claybourne Co. Chemdawg powerhouse

Our final package on this list isn’t pre-made but deserves the entry as there are many cannabis users who don’t know how to roll a joint but still want to get into this affordable on-the-the-business pack on trend. It contains a gram of kief and a tiny shovel, so let’s be real, it rules and you should know.

The Claybourne Co. Power Pack contains 3.5 grams of tiny nugs and one gram of kief for $ 45. This is really good considering that you get a gram of high quality concentrate along with an eighth of the whole nug flower on the top shelf. They come in all sorts of kief and variety combinations for anything you fancy.

We tried a sativa combo of Chemdawg flower and kief from a cross of Bokers x Chemdawg x Cookies and Cream Kief that was absolutely out of this world. The combination is rich in limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene and perfect: a peppery smell of gas, spices and citrus that creates a zoomy head that is high and then focused all day.

Available: California

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps

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