6 new weed products from Spherex, Mistifi, Cookies and more

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be difficult to keep track of every release. So we summarize some important publications. This week we’re looking at Lively Spirits releases and a Cookies launch in all 50 states.

Spherex: Launch of PHYX cannabis beverages


If you’d prefer to drink weed, check out Spherex’s new 1: 1 CBD: THC sparkling water. Every PHYX drink is packaged in glass bottles. You can choose between dragon fruit, lime, all natural or grapefruit flavors. Dress it up with a juice mix or drink it alone for a refreshing pick-me-up this summer.

Available: California and Colorado

Cookies: start the CBD flower

You may have heard of the hugely popular Cookies brand, but unless you live in California it’s impossible to get your hands on Cookies Flower – until now. Cookies introduced a line of CBD that is now available in all 50 states. Choose between flower, vape or mushroom powder capsules. The CBD parent program includes genetics from Cereal Milk, Gelatti, and London Pound Cake 75.

Available: Nationwide

Lively Spirits: Introducing Pure Cannabis Cannabis Powder

Lively spirits

Lively Spirits, a California-based “psychotropic cocktail” company, has just launched Purejuana, a soluble, full-spectrum THC powder that can be used to enhance any non-infused beverage. It’s currently available in five varieties: Venom OG, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Purple Punch, and XJ-13. It is sold in boxes of 10 with three color codes Potency levels, with each “shotpack” being comparable to a single alcoholic drink:

  • Green label – 2.5 milligrams per pack
  • Yellow label – 5 milligrams per pack
  • Red label – 10 milligrams per pack

Consumers can also purchase individual red label shotpacks for $ 2.75 each.

Available: California

Mistifi: New Triple Load Vape Pens


Mistifi’s new hardened resin vape pens are made with no additives, chemicals, artificial flavors, thinners, thickeners, carrier oils, vegetable wax, resin or chlorophyll added. The oil is extracted using its proprietary high pressure / low temperature technology. You can choose from three pen options that offer triple-loaded mixtures:

  • Over the rainbow: Electric Lemonade, Super Silver Haze, and Sweet Tangie
  • Houdini: Max OG, Herijuana and Blueberry Bomb
  • Phantom: 1: 1 THC: CBD blend of Wunderdog, Hell’s Fire OG and jellyfish

Available: California

PAX Labs: Partnership with Ilera Holistic Healthcare in Louisiana

PAX Labs vape brand recently partnered with Louisiana-based cannabis producer Ilera Holistic Healthcare (IHH) to combine the PAX Era Pro vaporizer with IHH’s AYO branded medical cannabis formulations. The partnership debuted with Freedom, a new line of cannabis products designed specifically for veterans.

This agreement enables Ilera Holistic Healthcare to bring its first inhalable cannabis products to the medical cannabis market in Louisiana. Liberty is now available at state-approved medical marijuana dispensaries.

Available: Louisiana

Helmand Valley Growers Company: New Prerolls

Helmand Valley Growers Company

The Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) was founded and operated by U.S. military veterans and is known for their heady vape cartridges. Now the brand has just released its first prerolls, each containing 1 gram of flower and all containing at least 27% THC. Choose between sativa, indica or hybrid options.

Bonus: 100% of profits from these new runs go to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which funds studies to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and pain in veterans from cannabis while helping the military get back to civilian life.

Available: California

Selected image courtesy of Lively Spirits

Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and research.

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