4 Weed Products Rapper Open Mike Eagle can’t live without it

Open Mike Eagle is an independent rapper, comedian, podcaster, and artist based in Chicago. He is best known for creating a genre of music called Art Rap, his What Had Happened podcast, and being a member of the hip collective Thirsty Fish, Swim Team and currently Project Blowed. Open Mike Eagle is an avid anime lover and was even featured in Adventure Time. Recently, the talented man teamed up with cannabis brand GetSmartyPlants to become the director of Cool Shit. So we made a Zoom call to discuss this.

Defining Art Rap, Mike said to me, “I represented this emerging sector in hip hop with the likes of Danny Brown, Run The Jewels, Aesop Rock and Shabazz Palaces. There was this new rap wave that was Indian and different, and I just felt like we needed something else to call ourselves … It’s about us doing what we want and not having the resources that the big acts do. ”His newest project, Anime, Trauma and divorce is available on all streaming platforms.

In addition to music, Open Mike Eagle is an avid podcaster. He started a podcast network called Stoney Island Audio to give voice and opportunity to hip hop artists who want to tell their stories and control their narration. He hosts a show called What Had Happened, where he sits with an artist for an entire season and unpacks all of their projects to create an accurate picture of their legacy. The first season was with El-P from the hip-hop collective Run The Jewels.

Being different and thinking outside the box is exactly what led to the collaboration between Mike and Get Smarty Plants. All Get Smarty Plants packaging has the ability to scan a QR code that will take you to their knowledge blog, where you can read and watch content on all sorts of weird things. “When I found out what they are as a brand, it made a lot of sense to me because their product is weed, but the brand is knowledge and humor and cool conversation and discovery. I smoke, I like cool shit, and they want that I’m their director of Cool Shit. I like, oh, I like that. “

As the director of Cool Shit, Open Mike Eagle’s goal is to add interesting twists to traditional media and improve the mood. He is hosting the world’s largest Rabbit Hole podcast and will also coordinate Rabbit Hole events. The first episode was with WWE professional wrestler Matt Striker, Double Impact, and so on. “We did one thing where we watched a series of wrestling clips and talked about how being a bad guy in wrestling is like It’s changed over the years. It’s that style of conversation where we take something and go well below the surface. “

Open Mike Eagle smoked weed for most of his life. He said the benefit of cannabis for him is that he is less tied to one mindset. “Especially as a creator, the paths and possibilities open up to me when I’m high. It’s day and night that make it up versus not up, in terms of the sheer amount of possibilities I can see moment to moment.”

Here are the cannabis products that Open Mike Eagle cannot live without.

Smarty Plants: Fatso

Although Mike has smoked for decades, he’s not the dull smoker who aims high all day. Instead, he’s more of the guy who smokes at night after the day is over. “Usually for me it’s just a nug or two out of a pipe. I’ve had a long stretch of being exclusively edible. It’s been a solid three or four years, but after a while I found that I can’t sleep as well when I’m eating this late. So I switched to flower. “

Smarty Plants’ Fatso is one of Open Mike Eagle’s most popular strains. Fatso is a cross between Legend OG and GMO Cookies. It’s funky, dank, gaseous, with extremely powerful effects.

Kiva Terra Bites espresso beans

“You thangs are delicious. We used to call them Dragonball Senzu beans because they get you going quickly with the espresso and the weeds. “

Kiva is a confectionery brand based in California. The Terra Bites line is a fan favorite that includes chocolate-coated blueberries, espresso beans, sea salt caramels, almonds, and even cookies.

The music for the playlist “When you’re on the moon”

Music for When You’re on the Moon is a playlist Mike created for Smarty Plants Spotify on April 20th. As you can imagine it is great when you are tall and want to blow the Tuneskis. The playlist includes artists such as Open Mike Eagle, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, and more.


Another non-cannabis product Open Mike Eagle likes to combine with cannabis is his bicycle. He loves to come up and ride. “I love riding my bike around the hood when I feel just right.”

Featured photo courtesy of Smarty Plants. Graphic by David Lozada / Weedmaps.

Danté Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant who specializes in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to that little green flower. Contact him at dantenetworks (at) gmail (dotcom) or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is www.dantejordan.com.

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