11 perfect gifts for mushroom lovers

Looking for a gift for someone who loves magic mushrooms? Check out these fun and functional recommendations.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2022, it’s that mushrooms don’t just have one moment. They are also at the center of a movement to help people around the world experience the recreational and medicinal benefits of psychedelics.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a mushroom loving friend, family member or loved one, look no further than this list of whimsical and practical gifts.

Here are several ways to enhance their trip or help them integrate mushrooms more fully into their decor or lifestyle. No matter what you choose from this list, you can be sure that your mushroom lover will feel the love.

Mushroom Oracle Cards


(Courtesy of Broccoli)

From the makers of Broccoli Magazine comes this beautiful mushroom themed oracle deck called The Mushroom Oracle. This deck of cards makes a great gift for your mushroom loving friend who loves tarot or someone who uses mushrooms to connect more deeply with a higher power or themselves.

Awesome fungi community cookbook


Cover of the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook(Courtesy of Fantastic Fungi)

The Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves mushrooms of any kind.

The cookbook is full of mushroom recipes that can be enjoyed without psilocybin or as tasty vessels for consuming psychedelic mushrooms. It’s the perfect choice to inspire the culinary genius in your life who enjoys the earthy, funky world of mushrooms.

Mushroom identification poster


Highlighting different types of psychoactive and poisonous mushrooms, this poster can serve as a trusted resource for your friend or family member who enjoys hiking and foraging for food.

It’s also a very handy decor in the house of newcomers to the mushroom world so they can learn what types of mushrooms to try or avoid.

Faux fur throw blanket


Photo of the Cashew Ugg Ridgeline Blanket on a white background(Courtesy of Ugg)

A trip with psychedelics can be a very sensual experience where the right set and setting are important. A useful and cozy gift for your loved one is a textured faux fur throw blanket for the next attendee.

Whether it’s used to provide warmth and security on your journey, or to add a soft feel to your face and fingers, a blanket like the UGG Ridgeline can be used for days and mind journeys to come.

mushroom earrings


(Courtesy of DayDreamBasket)

These enchanting mushroom earrings from DayDreamBasket on Etsy are ideal for your mystical, magical, mushroom-loving friend who loves to express themselves through jewelry. The earrings are a stylish way to express your love for mushrooms any day of the week.


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Mushroom glass mug with lid


(Courtesy of ChausettesdeComptine)

Talk about cute! Available in five different colors, this glass mug with lid in the shape of an adorable mushroom head is an ideal goblet for mushroom lovers to brew their favorite mushroom tea.

A gift like this helps them sip in style or turn their mushroom consumption into a fun ritual, so give this mug knowing it will be used at the start of many special times.

Mushroom Baggu


Image of a black and white mushroom pattern reusable bag by Baggu(Courtesy of Baggu)

The future is calling and we need to focus on becoming more environmentally conscious. You can give this reusable baggu bag in a stylish black and white mushroom print to anyone on your gift list who likes mushrooms or just has an eccentric flair.

You will glow at the quirky pattern and receiving such a cute and useful gift.

psilocybin mushrooms in the world


Cover of Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World by Paul Stamets(Courtesy of Paul Stamets)

Paul Stamet’s comprehensive field guide for boomers, Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World is a gift your shroom loving friend or family member will return to again and again.

Besides safety, they will be able to learn more about psychoactive species found around the world and help them become a true master of mushrooms.

For the environmental warrior’s mushroom lover, we recommend another title from Stamets: Mycelium Running.


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Stash Logix smart jar made from bamboo


Photo of Stash Logix Smart Jars in three different sizes(Courtesy of StashLogix)

Do you know someone who likes to always have a few grams of mushrooms on hand? The Bamboo Stash Logix SmartJar is a functional gift they’ll appreciate.

These storage jars feature built-in humidity sensors and can be used for mushrooms or weed, depending on what your friend is trying to store. You will find them in three practical sizes.

Mushroom Cutting Board


Round wooden chopping board with mushroom and forest motifs(Courtesy of PacSun)

For the eccentric friend who always manages to be an incredible host (even when you’re both on mushrooms), look no further than the Deny Designs Mushroom Cutting Board.

It can serve as the basis for a tasty charcuterie board or find a home in her kitchen as a nod to her love of mushrooms or her fondness for the outdoors.

Self-journal note


(Courtesy of Target)

From jotting down new ideas to recording emotions, there are many benefits of having a notebook dedicated to the thoughts and feelings someone has while exploring psychedelics.

Give a mushroom lover you know a simple and stylish journal to record their thoughts. They can use it to document how they are feeling and remember the lessons they learn every time they consume psilocybin.

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Janessa is the creator of Lumen and Seeds of Change.

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