Zodiac Weed Strains: 6 Sagittarius Strains You’ll Love

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is often depicted as a keen-eyed, bow-hunting centaur with his weapon trained skyward. The picture is objectively badass, but it only tells a fraction of the Sagittarius story. Although portrayed as fearless hunters, the arrow metaphor is as versatile as the sign, meaning its shape can take on many different meanings.

So don’t be influenced by the image of the hunter. The Sagittarius energy is actually quite warm, curious, enthusiastic, and optimistic, if a bit stubborn and loud. And while Sagittarius vibes may not be for everyone when the time is right, these vibes are seriously ambitious. Sagittarians have a reputation for saying what they feel and feeling what they say, despite their audience’s acceptance or rejection. For those who lack that steadfastness, now is the time to tap into that Sagittarius energy.

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Zodiac stoners or not, between November 22nd and December 21st we can all look to Sagittarius season as a time to redouble our hard-earned beliefs to laugh as loud as we can – especially in public – without intention to wander aimlessly learning and love much harder than our hearts will allow.

And for the cannathusiasts hoping to sip some of that good Sagittarius juice straight from the tap, here are the perfect strains to help you tap that fiery source of centaur badass whenever the need arises. No bow, arrow or half horse required.


Aloha is a mysterious strain of unknown origin, but the effects seem to land firmly in the landrace sativa camp for most consumers. The head highs are described as euphoric and creative, while the body high is said to be bouncy and super long-lasting.

Overall, this strain is powerful enough to eliminate discomfort and cognitively stimulating enough to support a smoldering body high. The potency is so high that inexperienced users can get scared if they hit too hard too fast, so take it slow to get the most of the uplifting effects without getting nervous.

Expect a minty diesel nose and a tropical, almost medicinal exhale.

3x crazy

This three-way cross of OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple is better known as Optimus Prime. The effect is decidedly relaxed, but arrives with a very Sagittarius swoon of euphoria. 3X Crazy has strong indica genetics, but don’t expect an instant couch lock.

Consumers report highs ranging from spacey bliss to snacking introspection. When the sag vibes get a little too hot to handle, this strain can provide the THC cable that ties you back to your metaphorical horse body.

Expect a berry-sweet, woody perfume and a spicy Skunk hit.


For therapeutic consumers hoping to capitalize on an exuberant Sagittarius season, Lifter might be the strain for you. This CBD strain was bred from a cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry, and the resulting bud delivers. It reportedly has some strong medicinal vibes and tends to leave consumers with charged moods, mild energy, and an overall feeling of manageable bliss.

For therapeutic users or varsity stoners looking to diversify their stash, Lifter may be the gentlest approximation to the dynamic Sagittarius energy. Expect a botanical sweet funk on the nose and a spicy exhale with lingering notes of berries and moist earth.

Loud dream

Loud Dream is a phenotype of Blue Dream with a genetic origin that includes Haze and Blueberry. Multiple reviews indicate that the strain borrows spiked effects from each parent: boisterous sativa energy and chilled indica calm.

Consumers celebrate this strain’s excellent balance of both energetic sociality and calm body awareness as something of a hybrid of the best of both worlds. This balance makes for a premium, relaxed, yet social smoke that is able to bring out or enhance the Sagittarius qualities in all of us.

Expect a candy-sweet perfume and a skunky lavender-lemon extract.

fluff head

Named for her smooth buds rather than her cognitive effects, Fluffhead was bred from a cross between Headband and Phishead Kush strains. Reportedly, these genetics lean towards relaxation and introspection quite slightly, without sacrificing clear euphoria.

Fluffhead users report highs that creep into activation and deliver lazy but social effects. Drug users report relief, but also warn against severe cravings. Wherever you fall on the smoking spectrum, it seems Fluffhead can calm you down, lift you up, and leave you hungry.

Expect weirdly fluffy buds, a gassy, ​​sour aroma, and a sour sugar output.

White Bastard

Despite the name, this strain isn’t a comment on American politics, but rather a cross between the rare God Bud and the more infamous DJ Short Blueberry. Reported effects are calming, introspective, euphoric, and giggly. White Bastard can be a welcome high for low-key conversation, especially when the event calls for quiet socializing rather than boisterous celebration.

Bonus: White Bastard’s specific genetics can often result in a crystalline head high that promotes both focus and introspection. This is a great atmosphere for a small dinner party or coffee get-together.

Expect woody, piney flavors and a sweet pine outburst.

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