Worst strains of marijuana ever?

The cannabis markets in different locations are rich in options and different strains of cannabis for users to choose from. New hybrids are constantly being developed, old breeds are improved as the season progresses. So it is not uncommon for someone who consumes cannabis to be a victim of poor quality strains on the market. There will always be low quality weeds in the market and their sellers will continue to do their best to pass it off as a high or medium quality variety. These poor quality, poor quality weeds are popularly known as Schwag, Brick Bud, Dirt, and Bunk. The most popular name for weeds is “Reggie”.

Determining which weeds are good and which are not may seem difficult, but there are just a few details you need to consider to determine whether a variety of weeds is low, high, or moderate.

These details include:




THC content

Presence of trichomes




This article was written to solve the dilemma of avoiding substandard strains of marijuana.

Dive in to find out how to assess the details listed above to determine if a weed is a low quality variety. I’ll also add a list of the worst strains of marijuana ever!


Poor quality weeds are very mild and give the slightest minimum of buzz. Sure, a weed is always referred to as a weed regardless of its induced effects and properties, but poor quality weeds are of no use to the user.

Dirty weed might be felt by new and inexperienced smokers, but it won’t be a noticeable feeling.

Cannabis-based drugs also have the expected feeling of relieving the user of symptoms, which is why users need to check carefully to avoid wasting their money.


Poor quality weeds have a distinct unpleasant aroma. Although you may experience a faintly sweet taste, the smell of the weed is too strong for a user to enjoy the taste. The aroma can be compared to a skunk. When Reggie is used, the aroma is a tell-tale one. There are also poor quality weeds that have no flavor at all, they are boring.

Good quality weeds have a noticeable aroma that implies the presence of increased terpene content. A good indica variety will add a chocolate or coffee aroma, while a good sativa variety will smell like citrus fruits.


Reggie’s taste is determined by the area grown and the cultivation techniques used. Reggie tastes the way it smells, like skunk. The few reggies that have a slightly sweet taste are still very tough with an earthy taste that most users don’t like.


All breeds of marijuana are available in different colors. Some have traces of pink, blue, purple, etc. The best way to identify a Reggie weed is through red, brown, bleached white, yellow, or a noticeable tan. These colors indicate that the weeds are from a low quality plant breed.


Trichomes are absent from bad strains of cannabis. The tribes that have do so in very small quantities.

A good strain, on the other hand, has a remarkable density of glittering trichomes.

A general overview of inferior breeds of weeds includes:

Seed buds

Due to their dehydrated condition, breakdown / split can easily occur.

Tanned appearance with tiny or no green spots.

Skunky or musty smell.

Very harsh effect and causes pain and coughing fits.

# 1– Madman OG

This is also known as “nervous stress”. Its effect is pretty obvious from its name. This strain is a mix of parents OG Kush X LA Confidential.

Many users believe that the OG breed is a panacea for everything, but it is not.

It has a THC range that is between 16% and 24%, which could be more. Since using a large amount overrides the wellbeing of the stress and does not act as a panacea, it leads to anxiety and severe headaches.

# 2 – Pablos gold

This is a golden strain of marijuana that is 70% sativa dominant. It can be found almost anywhere except Northwest America.

Pablos Gold is not a strain to consume when you need to be active …

The stress can be deceptive – it starts off with a feeling of euphoria and a surge in energy levels – but you realize almost immediately that this effect was just a preamble to falling asleep. You will hardly be able to keep your eyes open.

# 3– Top 44

This is a calming strain of cannabis that users feel disappointed with. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by the skilled breeder of Nirvana seeds.

The top 44 strain of marijuana has very limited effects with very low THC levels of 8% – 5%. It could do it for inexperienced smokers, but experienced speakers wouldn’t end up feeling any form of enthusiasm.

# 4 – Mango Pina

Fortunately, this burden is now forgotten. It’s a strain that emerged sometime around the 1960s. This forgotten marijuana had the most pleasant aroma and taste, but was very low in THC with little or no psychoactive effects.

The best you could expect from this breed was a calm state of mind, but whether or not you doubt its worth.

Mango Pina is currently closest to Mango Kush, but with a higher THC content.

Another strain of marijuana worth making on this list is this Blue Widow tribe – a secular tribe.

Unpleasant and ineffective strains of marijuana are often scattered in the cannabis market of countries that have not legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. Funnily enough, they’re also just as expensive as medium and high quality cannabis strains, so users are losing on both fronts.

Try to evaluate your marijuana before parting with your money. Not only will this save you from wasting your money, but it will also help your overall health and save you from coughing fits and chest pains.





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