Why some people don't feel high the first time they consume weed

More and more people are trying marijuana. Canada is completely legal and over 50% of the US population has access to recreational weed. The social stigma has also almost disappeared, with over 85% of the population believing it should be legal in some form. There are choices about how (old-fashioned by smoking, currently with gummies or vapes), where and alone or with others. However, after preparation, another question occasionally arises: Why do some people not feel high when they consume weed for the first time?

Despite what we know about marijuana tolerance, the more exposure you have to cannabis, the less it affects your health. The phenomenon of not feeling anything the first few times you use it affects many first-time users. Experts have different theories as to why this happens.

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One of the most popular theories is that in order for people to properly experience weed, they must first learn how to do it properly. People need repeated exposure to the drug until their body understands what it is supposed to feel. Experts call this a “sensitization phase,” where THC interacts with the cannabinoids in your system a few times to activate them and produce that high feeling. It may take a few sessions before you smoke and know that you are actually high and not feeling what you think you should be experiencing.

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Smoking compared to other methods can also be a reason. Smoking can be a bit difficult. You may inhale cannabis but keep the smoke in your mouth, preventing the THC from entering your bloodstream.

When it comes to cannabis and its effects on our bodies, there is no clear answer, but it's always hard doing something for the first time, be it smoking weed or getting a tattoo. Your expectations, the people you're with, and your biology will play a role in your first experiences with weed, which is why it's important to be patient and open-minded.

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If this is your first time using marijuana, start slowly and surrounded by people you trust. Silence your phone to minimize additional sources of stress. Once you start, take a short break (15-30 minutes for smoking/vaping and 45 minutes for edibles) so you can closely monitor your feelings. This way you can make sure you get high, but not too high.

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