Why marijuana is great during a cleanse

New year, new you…as we approach the later part of the first quarter of the new year, there is still time for healthy habits. Detox diets are more popular than ever. They claim to purify your blood and remove harmful toxins from your body. But scientific findings and data on effectiveness are still unclear. But if you do, here's why marijuana works well during a cleanse.

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Detoxification is a cleanse to rid yourself of “free radicals,” highly reactive molecules that cause oxidative stress in the body and can weaken or even kill cells in vital organs such as the heart, lungs and brain. Oxidative stress can impair the immune system and damage DNA. It may be responsible for some effects of aging and other diseases. It is also reported to be part of weight loss.

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Poor nutrition promotes oxidative stress, as does smoking, alcohol consumption and exposure to other toxins – so occasional detoxification is useful.

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Where does cannabis fit in here? Free radicals are combated by antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and now apparently THC, which a clinical study suggests may have similar benefits to vitamin C. Cleansing is also said to help with inflammation. Cannabis has a predominantly anti-inflammatory effect via CBD, CBG and a CBD+THC combination, which is a big advantage. Additionally, cannabis can be a healthier alternative to alcohol. California's sobriety trend continues to grow, especially among Generation Z.

“Although it's not fun and no one wants to hear it, we know that regular exercise, healthy eating, exercise, and limiting or avoiding alcohol detoxify the body,” shares Andrew Aronsohn, MD, a liver specialist at the University of Chicago

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