Why is it so difficult to grow premium indoor cannabis on a large scale?

Legalizing marijuana in over 30 states in the country should have spiked premium cannabis production, but it hasn’t. Nor is it for lack of experimentation. It’s just hard to cultivate.

Dozens of entrepreneurs have hired multiple cannabis growers to do this, but few have been fortunate enough to be successful.

All plants require some level of care and supervision in order for them to be grown on a large scale in greenhouses, sieve houses, or even dark rooms. Premium cannabis is no different. You could even say it takes more mastery than other plants.

The harvest yield depends on the cultivation techniques used, attention to detail and the growing process. Many growers pride themselves on being masters at growing marijuana, but many have failed when it comes to putting pressure on them.

There are also some of these farmers who assume they can handle growing premium cannabis indoors because their crops are doing well outdoors. It should be noted that these farmers have no successful experience growing these cannabis plants on a commercial scale.

In this article, you will learn how cannabis cultivation works, which techniques are suitable for growing premium cannabis indoors, and what aspects to consider when growing these plants on a large scale.

A closer look at cannabis growing

The activity of growing marijuana on various scales can be very complex. To be successful, this complexity needs to be understood.

Cannabis seeds are unique and have different properties that differ from each seed. Two varieties of marijuana seeds cannot produce the same plant with the same characteristics.

To successfully clone a cannabis plant, you need a sample tissue from that plant. However, this can take a while. because the fabric needs to be full to ensure that it is high quality and unique.

Growing cannabis is exciting. Imagine planting a thousand seeds in search of a golden plant.

In the past, some growers have been able to successfully grow premium cannabis on a large scale for several years. This happened in places like Mexico, where the cannabis black market was booming and farmers risked everything to grow these buds illegally.

Now that marijuana use is legal in several countries, these breeders are long gone. Even when there are willing investors ready to invest millions of dollars in large-scale cultivation of premium cannabis, the industry lacks skilled growers.

Cultivators only have experience with the successful cultivation of a few hundred crops. This cannot be compared to the thousands of plants grown in large plants.

Any mistake can lead to a reduction in the quality or effectiveness of the plants. In extreme cases, all plants can be fatally lost.

This error can have the following causes:

  • Exposure of plants to pathogens

  • Incorrect Technique Implantation

  • Minimal control over the system

  • Exposure of plants to excessive environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, etc.

The right environment for growing cannabis indoors

Growing cannabis on a large scale indoors can be a task. All rules must be followed in order to achieve a successful crop yield. The cultivator must be aware that any technique used must not compromise the quality of the plants, not to mention that the products are tested by the state before they can be considered edible.

Using harmful pesticides in the closed environment to control vectors can be disastrous.

The best environment needs to be tightly enclosed 24 hours a day, up until the day the plant is to be harvested. Environmental influences such as humidity and temperature must be handled carefully.

The plant must be well ventilated and watered. The nutrient concentration of the soil must also be noted.

Only an experienced cultivator can see such things perfectly.

Important factors for growing premium cannabis on a large scale

There are a few factors that need to be considered before a business owner can begin this project. Monitoring these factors could cost the farmer everything – time and money.


The genetic makeup of the plant you are trying to cultivate can either affect or affect the success of your project.

You have to choose classic premium plants with unique genes. This way you can be sure that you always have a market for your premium product.

You should also diversify. Trying to grow the same premium crop in all of the facilities used can be risky. Always authenticate the genome of a seed before large-scale planting.

Make a note of the plant’s provenance, source, and cannabinoid content before attempting to cultivate it.

Soil and Applied Nutrients

The tray used must be checked. This test would be sure to be free from pathogens and pests. It would also guarantee that the nutrients necessary for optimal growth of the premium buds are available.

Make sure that the organic and inorganic nutrients used contain balanced nutrients of inexcusable quality.


The facilities must have built-in water systems. Large companies use systems up to 100,000 square meters in size. You can consider installing automated water systems – this is inexpensive.

Hand watering a large facility would be difficult to maintain and it could be costly to hire workers just for that. That way, you’ll have more time to closely monitor the growth of your plants.

Bottom line

Although the demand for premium indoor cannabis is high and growing every day, the fear of losing millions of dollars to inexperience is enough to keep entrepreneurs from continuing the large-scale cultivation of premium cannabis.

Some prefer to grow on a small scale while others stick to the usual varieties.

Hopefully, in due time, better techniques will be discovered to encourage large-scale cultivation of premium cannabis.







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