What’s the best time of day to get up?

Anyone who starts smoking pot and enjoys the exhilarating feeling it brings will want to know when it’s best to get up. Of course, you don’t want to go high at important meetings or get close to someone who is uncomfortable with cannabis. There are different times and we will highlight them all. So work with a time that best suits your schedule.

In the morning

Getting up in the morning is often referred to as “wake and bake”. When we wake up, our bodies come alive, but we also need to energize the body, which is why some people go to the gym first thing in the morning.

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Just as you enjoy exercising in the morning, you can also enjoy weed in the morning to add that kick to your day so you can show up at work and be ready to take on the day.

Ingesting weeds in the morning is also helpful for any medical issue that may be affecting your day. If you went clubbing the night before and were worried about a hangover, smoking weed can light up your day.

However, morning smoking is not for everyone. Some people smoke in the morning and don’t have a clear view of their day because they couldn’t handle the high. This makes them unproductive and can be worrying. But others can handle it and end up having the BEST day ever.

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So that you know what works for you, you have to experiment. Take cannabis in the morning and watch your body react to it. How did your day go and how did you deal with the day’s events? If you felt energized, happy, and productive afterward, you can take cannabis and get up high in the morning. On the contrary, if you felt exhausted and unproductive, never smoke again in the morning.

After work

Many people agree that this is the best time to smoke weed and get high when returning from an environment where you have most likely been under pressure. How do you get the pressure off your back? With a nice blunt right after dinner.

Cannabis is a healthier alternative to alcohol after a long day. It stimulates you again and forces your body to relieve stress and tension.

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For a more fun experience, you might want to have friends close by or co-workers who smoke weed too. You can all go to your favorite place (where you can smoke) and relax with cannabis.

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When you relax, the conversations about the job of the day begin, there is a lot of laughter, a feeling of joy and contentment that prepares you mentally for the week ahead.

Before or during a movie

A good time to smoke weed is before watching a movie. There’s nothing like the feeling of relaxing in your favorite chair with your shoes off, up and ready to see characters in action. You’re bound to enjoy your movie time even more when you’re high and in a euphoric state.

Make a full evening of snacks while you watch: make this a regular experience on weekends and you’ll show up at the start of a new week to conquer.

In the evening and before bed

Another good time to get up is in the evening when you get home and there are chores to do and you want to relax after a long day. If you want a very calm and calming evening while relaxing on your balcony with a view of the sky, getting up at this point is the way to go.

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They should also get high before bed if you have trouble falling asleep. Cannabis contains THC, a powerful sleep aid. When THC is activated by binding to CB1 cannabinoid receptors, it modulates sleep cycles.

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Cannabis will also keep you calm until you wake up, so it’s a good idea to come up just before bed if you’ve struggled with sleep for a while.

When going out

This is a perfect time to get high! A good move will set your mood up before you head out to have fun with your friends or when you want to take in the scenery. If you aim high at this point, you can show yourself off with a fun personality ready to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Have you been to a party where everyone was feeling bored? If you have, you’ll agree it can be a big shutdown. The solution is simple: invite anyone who already smokes cannabis to score high before attending the event.

The party will be so fun everyone is up, ready to dance and interact and have a good time.

Bottom line

People smoke cannabis and get high for various reasons. In some cases, your reason for smoking can dictate when you should smoke. In addition to the numerous times to get high mentioned above, you also need to consider other factors that lead you to use cannabis.

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For example, if you use it to treat your eating disorders (cannabis increases people’s appetites), you must smoke before meals. If you use cannabis to treat insomnia, you should smoke before bed to get a good night’s sleep.

If you have any other health issues that your doctor has recommended cannabis for, please ask about the specific times you should smoke to get the relief you want.

In general, anytime is a good time to smoke weeds. it all depends on the circumstances we have outlined above. The right strain of cannabis can be enjoyed anytime.

If you have any health problems, please do not smoke marijuana or use any other cannabis products without a doctor’s prescription.

This article originally appeared on Cannabis.net and was republished with permission.

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