What to Consider Before Giving Marijuana as a Gift

It's time to play Santa Claus to friends and family – but before you put a small, special gift under the tree, consider these things

It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you don't know what to give. With marijuana legalization widespread and over 50% of the population having access to legal products, some are considering cannabis treats. Since people can buy and give weed as gifts, it's natural for it to show up in the gifting circle. During the holidays, 60.6% of people who purchased alcohol gave away alcohol.

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Mainstreaming marijuana means entering festivals. But what should you consider before giving marijuana as a gift? You need to know the recipient and make sure they will enjoy the gift or it will end up in the land of re-gifting or, worse, the trash can.

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Know if they treat themselves. Are they drinking, are they open or are they already consumers? These are crucial when planning a purchase. If they've been drinking and sharing, they're open, maybe a few one-time vapes or an edible would be perfect. Just like you wouldn't give Everclear to a random friend, you wouldn't want to give a strong joint or flower.

Read the room, especially if children are around. If it's an intimate group, it may be better as you can explain and evaluate how the gift is received. Also think about how you pack it so it doesn't show any signs or smell of what's in the box/bag/stocking.

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Consider whether they have any health problems. Medical marijuana can help. Inflammation, back pain, sleep disorders or mild anxiety can be relieved with the perfect administration of a food, oil or ointment.

If you are a new or very low consumer, consider gummy bears. According to BDSA, gummy bears are the most popular product with almost 50% of people preferring this on-the-go treat. Simple, tasteful and a great entry point, this could be a winner.

At most, make sure you gift it in the right mood to make it a joyful season.

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