What ever happened to all that fentanyl-laced marijuana?

Just before the world was hit by a pandemic that infected millions of people, left them even more unemployed, and resulted in months of lockdowns that convinced the population that life would never be the same; Another savage scourge allegedly surfaced in the United States that threatened to kill drug users: fentanyl-laced marijuana.

Reports surfaced as early as 2017 suggesting black market drug dealers mixing cannabis with the dangerous opioid. Law enforcement agencies and even the White House warned that this bizarre mix could potentially kill thousands of Americans. However, these reports are practically no longer available.

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It all started with some local Ohio yokels claim that they “saw fentanyl mixed with marijuana”. Although a DEA spokesman at the time said he was unfamiliar with cases where pot has been mixed with the synthetic opioid, he told the press that “there may be”.

What the DEA failed to mention, however, was that these potential cases would likely only affect marijuana users who intentionally combine pot with fentanyl to create a unique high. Pot users are known Mix weeds with various chemicals (even embalming fluid) to increase the buzz. However, it is doubtful that marijuana was ever weeded on the black market. There is no financial sense in doing this in any way. But given the massive body size reported over the years from fentanyl-related overdoses, people freaked out.

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Even the federal government committed itself to madness by the spring of 2018. Former Minister of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told a group of young people in the White House that marijuana was laced with fentanyl. NIDA director Nora Volkow later confirmed this claim: saying“Fentanyl is used to string a wide variety of drugs, including marijuana.” In 2019, Kellyanne Conway, tsarina of the Trump administration on the opioid epidemic, revealed that people “accidentally” consumed fentanyl marijuana. “It’s laced into heroin, marijuana, meth, cocaine, and it just spreads by itself, too,” she said.

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But none of these claims seem true. There is no doubt that the opioid crisis was and is a national killing machine – around 70,000 people are killed each year. But eventually a DEA chemist stepped forward to say If there was a problem with a fentanyl laced pot, the death toll would be much more devastating. Probably more victims than the COVID debacle.

Even so, from time to time law enforcement agencies came out to report weeds laced with fentanyl in their forest neck. Police in parts of New York may have been the loudest about the alleged scourge. “With fentanyl-lace marijuana now confirmed to be in New York State, I am extremely concerned for the safety of those who use marijuana,” said Robert Maciol, Oneida County sheriff told the Oneida Daily Dispatch. Still, there hasn’t been a single report of fentanyl-laced marijuana since 2019.

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So where did it go? Did all black market drug dealers suddenly have some scruples and decide to ditch all devious practices that involved selling weeds dosed with deadly opioids? Probably not. It’s more plausible that the sloppy details of fentanyl with marijuana lace only became famous for just 15 minutes.

But now it’s playing, just like any other fake message that floats to the surface. It could have started as a coincidence, as a fear tactic and eventually got out of hand, causing the nation to think that they could die a terrible death from smoking weed. In reality, we’d hear a lot more about these mishaps if they actually did happen – if only occasionally. No, although some people may have experimented with fentanyl-laced pots over the years, this doesn’t seem like a trend worthy of 2021.

Nice try.

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