What are the benefits of consuming psilocybin mushrooms this way?

Ah, mushroom rubbers. The new infusion pleasure takes over the subsurface.

In most of North America, you can go to any legal cannabis store or adult pharmacy and grab a bag of delicious cannabis-infused gums. However, if you’re ready to engage in a bit of a brawl online, there are a variety of non-entirely legal foods you can grab as well, including shroom gum foods.

Much like CBD, THC, or Delta-8-THC gums, mushroom gums are gelatinous sugary treats infused with specific doses of psilocybin. These gums are all over the underground drug market these days, but why would you choose a processed candy over a bag of naturally grown magic mushrooms?

On the one hand the taste. Natural, dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are not exactly valued for their taste or texture, and many people even experience brief nausea after consuming them. Psychonauts have come up with dozens of ways to mask the taste of dried mushrooms, including teas, tinctures, and even grilled cheese sandwiches, but mushroom gums offer a simple new alternative. Added sugar and natural flavors can make these foods far more palatable than choking dried mushroom, and they are also less likely to cause nausea.

Dosage is another great reason to choose gums. With naturally grown boomers, it’s difficult to say exactly how much psilocybin is in each individual mushroom. But every single mushroom gum is infused with a specific dose of psilocybin so you can figure out your ideal dose. These products are often sold in packs of 100 mg per edible for microdosing or one gram per gum for full psychedelic exploration.

A simple web search will bring up dozens of websites where you can get some of these exciting new gums. Many of these products can be purchased from online Canadian retailers who also sell legal weed and hemp products. And a brave trip to the Darknet via an anonymous Tor browser can result in an even larger selection of magical mushroom specialties.

However, buying mushroom gums online is not without its risks. Some US cities have decriminalized psilocybin and other natural psychedelics, but for the most part, if you get caught with a packet of mushroom edibles in your mailbox, you can land in jail. And since these products are illegal, there are no regulations to ensure their safety. Unscrupulous black market manufacturers could skip the psilocybin or even add harmful additives to the mix.

The good news is that you can make your own psilocybin foods from the comfort of your own home. There are a variety of recipes online, but the easiest method is to grind up dried mushrooms and add them to a standard gelatin dessert mix. With a little more effort, you can expand this concept to include rubber worms, lollipops or even fruit rollups. The sky is the limit!

And now as more states are working to legalize psilocybin, mushroom gums are growing in popularity. Oregon recently legalized the use of a psilocybin-assisted therapy, and the FDA even approved clinical research studies that could ultimately lead to the federal legalization of this potent therapy. When these programs are finally implemented, you can bet that the therapists will choose to give patients perfectly dosed psilocybin foods instead of forcing them to eat dried boomers.

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