We’ll see if the Senate filibuster will ruin national cannabis reform

There has been a lot of talk during President Biden’s first 100 days in office about what is called a “filibuster” and how it will prevent Democrats from legalizing marijuana nationally. However, we are nearing a time when cannabis advocates, top industry executives, and lobbyists will see firsthand how crude this old Senate rule will be for the course of federal marijuana reform. Welcome to the next 100 days.

The Democrats have done an excellent job for America so far. You are responsible for passing a huge $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill to keep the nation from sinking into the gutter. At the same time, vaccinations are happening without any problems and businesses are starting to go back to normal. However, this progress was made relatively quickly as it only took a simple majority to get them through the budget vote. They didn’t need Republican support, which is good because they didn’t. And the fight is far from over.

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Now is the time when Senate Democrats must be prepared for war. For the next 100 days, President Biden will want to overturn his agenda – affordable health care, ending gun violence, fighting the opioid crisis, etc. – but not much of it will have the ability to move under the filibuster.

This rule dictates that most laws require a majority of 60 votes to pass. The Democrats could control the Senate, but only by a 50-50 lead, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker. Democrats desperately need Republicans with their backs.This is why Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is trying to play nice and give Republicans a political olive branch.

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“I’m trying to do two things this month and next. No. 1, put some bipartisan things on the floor that show Republicans, but also my colleagues, that we are serious, that we want to be bipartisan when we can, ”Schumer said during one current interview with the Ezra Klein Show. “But second,” continued Schumer, “we will also put some things on the floor that have no bipartisan support.”Enter cannabis reform.

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Schumer and his crew have talked a lot this year about how they’re going to put in place a comprehensive cannabis reform bill and how it will be passed. In February, Senator Schumer, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Ron Wyden, and Senator Cory Booker announced they were pursuing the federal marijuana ban, making it a high priority for the Senate. Since then, cannabis advocates have heard how the bill should be shaped somewhere between full legalization and decriminalization. how it would cater for small businesses and it is “soon”.

Marijuana is undoubtedly one of the topics Schumer talks about when he mentions the laying on the floor of some things that don’t have bipartisan support. Though cannabis crosses party lines In Congress, it’s mostly the usual suspects (politicians who have supported it for years). There isn’t enough new blood on board to make it a big problem. Not with the filibuster over your head. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Chairman, stands ready to go to the Scorched Earth Senate to take revenge on the Democrats about the election and how they pushed their agenda.

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In addition, Schumer recently learned that not even his own party agreed to the revision of the nation’s pot laws. At least a few have volunteered lately to express a lack of interest. Rest assured, Schumer counts votes to weigh his odds.

As The Fresh Toast has mentioned countless times, Schumer and his democratically controlled Senate face enormous challenges in passing a cannabis law in 2021. Not even a humble cannabis banking measure known as the SAFE Banking Act is a safe bet. If the Senate went for all the marbles – full legalization – the bill would inevitably get through the committee and be put to a vote in the Senate. But there it will undoubtedly die by the filibuster. Senator McConnell is foaming at the mouth to stop this and other efforts.

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Schumer has a few options this year if he wants to pass cannabis reform law. But none of them will be easy. First, he can garner the votes necessary to destroy the filibuster and pass the bill without Republican interference. Second, he could negotiate Republican votes in favor of his top bill in order to get more palatable terms for other measures the party wants to push through the budget vote. Third, try to get cannabis reform approved for the budget vote and hope it won’t be overturned the next time Republicans take office.

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Schumer also needs to work to get his party on track. Democrats are still somewhat divided on critical issues, from raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour to changing the nation’s pot laws. Schumer may be the new majority leader, but he is certainly not Mitch McConnell. During his time as the majority leader, McConnell turned out to be a bloodthirsty shark, full of courage and political power to paint his portrait of America. Schumer now has this big, bad Senate title, but without respect and influence.

It will be some time before he can Work in the Senate with savoir faire. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t get tough and start playing the game, marijuana reform could suffer. Let’s hope we see a better fight in Schumer in the next 100 days. If not, the filibuster will eat it.

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