Weed World Records – Will These Cannabis World Records Be Broken This Year?

Cannabis culture is one of the most interesting things in the world as it is home to a lot of ridiculous stories, unsubstantiated claims, and crazy world records. These marijuana world records are really fascinating, it’s hard to believe that some of them actually happened. Fortunately, these records are backed by evidence that makes them verifiable. We’ve compiled a list of eight of the craziest world records related to marijuana. Some of these records will blow your mind!

The largest joint in the world: Perhaps you paused while rolling a joint to wonder how big the largest joint ever rolled was in the world. Well, you have your answer, the largest joint ever rolled in the world weighed 1.90 kg (that’s 4.20 pounds, an icon). Tony Greenhand was responsible for this amazing achievement in 2016. Greenhand, an artist known for his unique use of joints to create interesting characters. Previously, he rolled up joints in the form of Marvel characters, grenades, dinosaurs, guns, weed leaves, as well as Pokemon characters.

It was therefore no surprise to many when he broke the record for the largest joint ever rolled in 2016. He rolled the 4.20 pound joint on April 20th of 2016 in celebration of April 20th Stoner’s global holiday. It was a watermelon shaped connection with a hose attached to the base for smoking.

The most expensive joint ever rolled: The most expensive joint ever rolled in the world had some high quality marijuana strains as you must have imagined. But what was the occasion and who was responsible for rolling the world’s most expensive joint?

The joint was rolled by a top American cannabis farm in 2018 at a party held to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state of California. The compound, which measured 30 inches, consisted of solvent-free concentrate, bubble hash, and 1.5 pounds of some of the best marijuana flowers rolled up in 24-carat gold rolling paper. As unusual as the joint was, it wasn’t smoked at that party, but auctioned for $ 24,000.

The man who smoked most of the joints in the world: This record belongs in the Guinness Book of Records 2014. The holder of this record is Irvin Rosenfeld, who has smoked over 115,000 joints in his life. Evidence that he actually smoked up to 115,000 joints was possible as Rosenfeld is the longest-surviving American marijuana patient. Rosenfeld has a severe bone tumor condition and is given 10 medical marijuana joints a day to treat his condition. Rosenfeld’s world record in 2016 was over 115,000 joints smoked, and at the rate of 10 blunts a day, he’s definitely added a few thousand more since then.

The world’s largest illegal marijuana plantation: While recreational cannabis is legalized in many states around the world, it is still illegal in some areas. Cannabis is still not legal in Mexico, and about ten years ago, in 2011, Mexican police discovered what turned out to be the world’s largest illegal marijuana plantation. The plantation near the state of Baja California was camouflaged with chilli and tomatoes. The plantation comprised about 300 acres of land that grew over ten thousand marijuana plants. These plants were so tall and stood at nearly 2.5 meters. The plantation was destroyed and 120 tons of marijuana plants were damaged. The plantation was valued at $ 160 million.

The world’s largest hotbox session: For stoners who don’t know what a hotbox session is, it’s an exhilarating experience to enjoy at least once. A hotbox usually takes place in an airtight vehicle or a room with a few stoners smoking some joints inside. Because the venue is airtight, the smoke from the joint stays in the room and fills the air in no time. Soon all inmates inhale the smoke, increasing their intoxication.

The largest hotbox session in history was held in Spain. A group of stoners set an 800 gram blob in an airtight room. The whole room was covered in smoke in seconds! So much for the world record.

The largest swab ever recorded: This record was deliberately broken when an American swab company called Dab Stars set up an event to break the then existing swab record. This took place in 2015 and their goal was to break the previous swab record of 90 grams. Dab Stars broke the record four times, setting a new swab record of 422 grams. This new record has not been broken since then.

The strongest sativa variety: Known as Ghost Train Haze, this strain has been registered as the strongest sativa strain in the world. With a THC potency of 25.5%, Ghost Train Haze has come out on top in several cannabis competitions. It is a unique strain that is protected by its breeders known as Rare Dankness Seeds. Surely you definitely want to try this out.

The largest legal greenhouse: Don’t worry, this is legal and there is no risk of being blown up by the police. Known as Park Lane Farms, the largest legal greenhouse in the world is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The greenhouse spans 350 square meters and is home to over 17 strains of cannabis.

Bottom line

These are some of the craziest world records related to marijuana. As fascinating and mind-blowing as most of these records are, there are more records to be broken. You could even be the one to break one of these records, who knows, or you could break a whole new record! Wouldn’t that be great?

What do you think of these crazy world records? If you could break a record or set a record from scratch, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments section below.




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