Weed Etiquette 101: What You Should Know Before Going Social

Whether you are a guest or a host, there are some important rules for smoking weed that should always be followed. Here we take a look at the most common rules that should apply when enjoying cannabis in a social setting.

Experienced smokers may already have these rules in hand, but for the new smokers out there, it’s important to be aware of weed etiquette. Before you join a smoking group, go through these tips so you can have a positive social experience.

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Share and share more

This is perhaps one of the most important smoking etiquette tips to follow. If you’re invited to a smoking circle, it’s always customary to bring some cannabis and make a contribution. If you take the time to consider the cost of marijuana, it can be expensive to share and the price can add up quickly. If you participate, make sure to add your own to the mix and share with others. Not only others will appreciate the sharing process, you will also benefit in the long term from not always being the supplier in the circle.

Don’t push others

Peer pressure is unacceptable in weed culture. Not everyone present will want to be involved in the process. If you notice someone’s turn, be careful not to pressure them to smoke. Everyone has different tolerance levels, and some may reach their threshold faster. Never urge anyone to smoke more or to smoke at all unless they are on the smoking circle.

Scooter Rights

Scooter Rights

It’s a general rule that the person rolling a joint or grabbing a bowl is the first to hit. This also applies if the roller does not own the weeds. Some will be polite and offer another the first move, but generally the scooter gets the first move.

Avoid sharing germs

While sharing in a smoking circle is nurturing, never get involved if you’re feeling sick or have a cold. The last thing you want to do is spread germs among your fellow smokers. If you still want to participate, bring your own supply and avoid sharing it with others by declaring that you do not feel well.

Don’t be a sinner

Greed is one of the cardinal sins and frowned upon in smoking circles. Based on stoner etiquette, it’s rude to be greedy when sharing the weed. Two or three hits are acceptable when smoking a joint, one or two hits when smoking a bowl. More than that will break the ground rules of social smoking.

Ask for help

Not everyone has the same level of experience, and new smokers may struggle to turn a head or prepare. When it’s your turn and you’re not sure what to do, ask your co-workers for help. People understand that it can take time to learn how to roll properly and are willing to share their expertise.

From left to right

A common weed etiquette when smoking in circles is to always smoke from left to right. There is no special meaning behind it. It is done to ensure that everyone gets their share equally and that no one is ever left out.

be generous

be generous

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Attending a social weed smoking event can be an enjoyable experience and you should always remember not to just be a taker. If you can’t bring your own cannabis to the party, bring something else. Adding drinks and food to the mix will make for a fun evening, and your colleagues will be very appreciative of every contribution.

Be polite

Never assume that smoking is acceptable in all situations. If you’re new to a circle, be sure to ask if there are any boundaries, especially when it comes to people’s personal space. If you enter another person’s home, be respectful of the surroundings. Clean up behind you and watch out for ashes that might land on the floor. Being respectful goes a long way and is one of the most important rules when smoking weed with others.

No torches!

When sharing a bowl, the green hit is always the best. Be sure to share this with others. Instead of burning the entire surface when lighting, try to burn just the edges so others can enjoy a green hit too.

Other considerations

Although there are no written rules for smoking weed, general courtesy and respect will go a long way. Smoking with friends can be an enjoyable experience, and many stoners prefer to smoke in the company of others. By learning about weed etiquette, you can be sure that you will be accepted into a smoking circle and invited for more.

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Basic rules for smoking weedSome other ground rules to follow are:

  • Clean up the chamber – When using a bong or pipe, always empty the chamber before passing it on. Stale smoke leaves a bad taste and can cause a terrible cough, so get rid of it before sharing.
  • No smoke blowing – Even if you are among many other smokers, smoking is never accepted. It’s general weed etiquette not to blow smoke directly in someone’s face.
  • Be informative – When bringing weed to a group, let others know about the strand. Some smokers prefer indica over sativa and vice versa, so always let people know what you’ve got.
  • Welcome everyone to the group – Using cannabis can be a fun pastime, but many feel anxious or nervous. If there are new smokers in the circle, make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. Never pass judgment on newcomers or those who prefer to pass.
  • remove seeds – If you bring weed to the party, make sure it’s clean. Take your time removing seeds and stems. They taste bad when they burn, and they can cause pops and sparks.


By following these weed smoking etiquette tips, you can reduce the chances of an embarrassing situation and have a great time with your friends. Remember that all circles are different and have some special rules. Be sure to ask them ahead of time, and let others know if you have any sharing preferences.

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