UK Cannabis Seeds – How The Vault became the industry leader in great cannabis seeds

As the UK cannabis scene started to pick up the pace, sat down with The Vault, the leading source for cannabis seeds in the UK and Europe, and asked them what it would be like to get started in the Cananbis industry, what do they see as the future for the UK and marijuana laws and how their seeds can help turn non-cannabis fans into believers.

How did you get into the cannabis room originally, and seeds specifically?

We noticed a niche in the market for supplying high quality seeds to the UK market and decided to get in there and fill that space. We haven’t looked back since then. We started in 2012 and plan to open up new markets (and seeds, of course) in 2021 and beyond.

What gave you the idea that a sperm bank is the best idea for starting a business?

As advocates of legalization and fans of cannabis in general, we felt we would use our digital marketing talents to combine those passions and felt that selling seeds in the UK for souvenir purposes would be the best way to go to achieve this dream.

What makes a good cannabis seed or a bad cannabis seed, if there is one?

Cannabis seeds can be found with different markings, shapes, and sizes, but unfortunately this is not a good indicator of quality. – If you are looking for high quality cannabis seeds, there is no substitute for high quality genetics.

Always choose seeds from reputable cannabis seed breeders and always buy them in their original packaging from reliable sources. – Like the vault.

What Makes Your Seeds The Best On The Market?

We are very particular about who we do it and only work with the best breeders in the world. We strive for quality in terms of both the product we sell and the service we offer to our ‘TeamVault’ community that we have built over the years. We like to think we are providing an experience and a sense of community and a high quality product.

Europe stands behind the US when it comes to legalization. How has this affected your business growth?

The road has been and is rocky, but The Vault is a robust company. We are confident that we have offices and distribution centers both here in the UK and Spain. This means that we can pan around and avoid any issues our competitors are currently facing. We took these steps a few years ago to defuse issues like Brexit and the like and to have the opportunity to continue business as usual.

What’s the biggest mistake consumers make when searching for cannabis seeds online?

Aren’t you buying from The Vault? Ok, that was a wink, but I guess it’s true!

Buy seeds from less reputable sources and worse still, don’t choose a company that will ship them to you without opening the packages.

Is buying from seed banks in Europe a good or a bad idea?

Always a good idea as this is where the best quality seeds come from. At the moment there are also issues with Brexit and sending parcels but since we have a Spanish center as well as a UK office we have mitigated this.

What are the hot strains or types of seeds that people are looking to buy right now?

Far too many varieties to choose from from Wedding Cake, Gelato, and RuntZ Muffin are some of the new kids on the block, but varieties like Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout Cookies are still hugely popular with our customers.

If you could give advice to someone who is studying cannabis, what would it be?

Decide on your niche / passion within cannabis and network. We think websites like Leafwire are a good place to start for community exposure and networking. The US and Canada etc are a little further away with legalization and the like, and the UK is pretty far behind so there aren’t a lot of options on those shores right now, but we expect this to change within the next 5 years becomes.

What’s the best way to grow weeds indoors or outdoors?

I suppose the best method depends more than anything on personal choice and situation:

Indoors, all conditions and the environment can be controlled while growing. – Including odor for people who need to take this into account.

However, outdoor cannabis plants can produce monster yields and are cheaper than setting up and growing indoors.

How can people contact you to ask questions or learn more? Email, social media?

Great info and thank you for sitting down with!







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