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 07/31/2020


The Trump administration has announced that it will ban aroma Evaporator Juice. Does this apply to cannabis cartridges?

Last week the Trump administration announced that it would ban all flavored vapes. This news has rocked both vaping enthusiasts and health professionals. While I do the occasional vape, the real question on my mind was what about cannabis cartridges? While Trump didn’t specifically say he was cannabis or Dab off the oil Cartridges, it is likely safe to assume that Trump’s vape ban affects these too.

Why should we be concerned?

One of the reasons Trump gave for the vape ban is the epidemic of recent diseases that have hospitalized and in some cases killed otherwise healthy young adults. It’s not just nicotine vapers who’ve gotten sick, however. You may recall that black market cannabis cartridges made people sick too, giving the Trump administration the ammunition it needed to get cannabis cartridges talking.

If you recall, in the past the Trump administration has not been particularly kind to the legal cannabis market (especially in the recreational sector). The federal crackdown he threatened when he first took office may never have materialized, but that doesn’t mean his Justice Department isn’t considering it yet. Just wait until Barron Trump is caught smoking a blunt and all bets are closed.

Is It Time To Panic?

No, not quite yet. Cannabis enjoys widespread support from both parties. To strive for it now would be pretty disastrous, especially with an election coming up. That doesn’t mean we’re not completely out of the woods, but I would be careful. If Trump is re-elected, it is likely time to stock up on vape cartridges.

What to do if vapes are banned

Fortunately, if vapes are banned, there are still plenty of alternatives. For example, you can use a Water pipe. With it you can put your herbs directly into the device and thus have a simple alternative to steaming.

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