Travis Barker launches weed brand Barker Canna Co.

Travis Barker is launching a cannabis brand called Barker Canna Co. The lavish Blink-182 drummer and millennial music legend's weed line will focus on the creative and beneficial benefits of cannabis.

Barker Canna Co. will be available exclusively at The Syndicate dispensaries in California beginning February 6th. The brand plans to enter additional legal states throughout 2024 (to be announced). Barker Canna Co.'s initial offerings include three types of weed: mini pre-rolls called “Barkies” infused with THCA diamonds, vegan gummies made from real fruit, and full- and half-gram vaporizers.

Barker has been a major cannabis user in the spotlight and culture since Blink-182 rose to popularity nearly 30 years ago. In an interview with Men's Health in 2021, he shared that he smoked 20 backwoods a day. But in 2008, Barker survived a plane crash that almost took his life. His journey to recovery from this traumatic event led to Barker discovering the healing powers of cannabis.

Today I use cannabis as a means of physical recovery, mental well-being and creativity.

Travis Barker, Blink-182, Barker Canna Co.(Courtesy of Barker Canna Co.)

“My journey with cannabis began when I was very young, long before Blink-182,” says Travis Barker in an exclusive Leafly interview. “Initially it was about having fun, but over the decades my relationship with cannabis has evolved into a much more functional relationship. Today I use cannabis as a means of physical recovery, mental well-being and creativity.”

The drummer is now focusing on using weed for his well-being as his star has reached a new level of international fame following his marriage to Kourtney Kardashian in 2022. Blink-182's latest album, One More Time, and its accompanying international tour continue in summer 2024.

“This development inspired the creation of Barker Canna Co.,” says Barker. “I have helped create some of my favorite products that will hopefully enhance your cannabis experience with an emphasis on balance, creativity and positive vibes.”


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Barker says the global normalization of cannabis is “absolutely” part of his mission. “It's frustrating to live in California, where cannabis is really embraced, and then look at other states that treat cannabis like it's a hardcore drug. Everyone’s relationship with cannabis is different. But when used responsibly, cannabis can unlock hidden creative potential; It can help you recover after pushing your body to the limit. More importantly, it can improve your overall mental well-being.”

The flower contained in the Mini Barkies pre-rolls is grown indoors. Barker Canna Co. co-founder Ash Patel says people can look forward to later deliveries in limited quantities. “We use different varieties for our Mini Barkies PreRolls and our Live Rosin Vapes,” says Patel. “For now, the live rosin products based on specific strains, like Grapes N' Cream or Purple Banana, will be seasonal, but there will certainly be some cool limited-quantity collaborations in the future.”

The first pre-roll flavor profiles you can expect include sativa-dominant options in Lime Sorbet, Grape Ape Grapefruit, Watermelon Kush and Northern Lights; Hybrid of Rainbow Popsicle OG, Bubble Gum, Tropical Punch and Cereal Milk; and Indica in Strawberry Lemonade, Pineapple OG Kush, Blackberry Diesel and Pina Colada.

(Courtesy of Barker Cannabis Co)(Courtesy of Barker Canna Co)

With health at the forefront, Barker Canna Co. gummies are vegan, all-natural, sugar-free and gluten-free. Barker has been a vegetarian and vegan since his youth to maximize healing after the 2008 plane crash – every Barker Canna Co. product is vegan, cruelty-free and made from all-natural ingredients.

The edibles only use top-quality, full-spectrum liquid cannabis diamonds enriched with terpenes. Barker Canna Co. relies on well-thought-out ingredients such as real fruit extracts and plant-based gelatin alternatives. Each flavor features unique supplement blends packed with benefits, including vitamins, ginseng root, coenzyme Q10, ginkgo biloba, magnesium glycinate, and even lion's mane mushrooms.

Barker says cannabis helps him recover from touring back-to-back shows “100%.” Sure, touring is a lot of fun, but it can quickly wear on your nerves, both mentally and physically. I rely on my CBN-infused Blue Raspberry Sleep Gummies the most because they allow me to relax and unwind after a strenuous show, but more importantly, they allow me to fall asleep so I'm refreshed and ready for the day next day. ”

Coinciding with the launch, the brand's 1 gram cannabis oil and 0.5 gram live resin vaporizers will also be available. The vapes contain small amounts of premium live rosin in the half gram and premium cannabis oil in the full gram. Each pen uses state-of-the-art CCELL® heating technology with a unique ceramic atomizer. Initial vape flavors include the namesake Barker OG, Papaya Punch, Grapes & Cream, White Runtz, Lemon Berry, Strawberry Donutz and more.

(Courtesy of Barker Cannabis Co)(Courtesy of Barker Canna Co)

“Given my appreciation for cannabis, starting Barker Canna Co. was a natural next step,” Barker said in a press release. “I am excited to offer cannabis enthusiasts a range of products that embody both my commitment to clean, high-quality cannabis products and my appreciation for cannabis culture. I am confident that the products will inspire inspiration and self-expression on your cannabis journey. I look forward to sharing the unique benefits of Barker Canna Co and hope that this collection not only enriches your cannabis experience, but also strengthens your creative spirit, as it does mine.”

The brand's launch in California shows how far the industry has come in Barker's home state. “We have to represent the home state,” Patel said. “California is just the beginning. We're starting here with The Syndicate dispensaries, which I'm a big fan of, but we plan to expand into other legalized states this year. Stay tuned.”

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