Top 5 Benefits of Sativa Strains

With the mainstreaming of marijuana and the increasing popularity of gummies and vapes, strains are playing a less important role among consumers. But sometimes you might just need an extra boost, and if so, sativa could be your answer. Indica is popular because of its extremely relaxing effects. For some, it helps relieve nausea and pain and increases appetite. Indica is typically consumed at night to make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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Sativa often produces a “mind high” or energizing, anxiety-reducing effect. It's a kind of day trip where you can enjoy life. Nowadays the products can be mixed, so it is always smart to talk to the budtender at the dispensary. Here are the top 5 benefits of sativa strains.

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While indicas are associated with a body high, sativas are associated with a head high, which can sometimes lead to a burst of creativity and thinking outside the box. These strains tend to avoid feelings of drowsiness, meaning that when you're feeling creative and high, you also won't feel like you're falling asleep when trying to do something creative. These varieties are a good idea if you want to do something expressive, be it writing, painting, or making a sculpture.

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The production of dopamine allows us to feel pleasure and reward, which motivates us. This is because both CB1 and CB2 receptors (cannabinoid receptors) are linked to dopamine levels in the brain. Consuming a sativa strain can help you get out of bed and get some work done. Housework, a big project, coding, or any other activity, including a healthy workout!

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Relief from anxiety

Although most cannabis strains are good for relieving anxiety, sativas have the added benefit of helping you stay active. Sport and exercise are a really good way to keep your fears at bay.

Good for social situations

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We all have experiences with some form of social anxiety. But for some people, fear of spending time with others or being in certain social situations has a major impact on their mental health. Cannabis is not a panacea. However, the stimulating effects of sativas can help people relax in social situations and increase their confidence, making it easier to have conversations with others.


If you want to have fun and are ready to find things to keep you busy, go for sativas. Happiness and euphoria are among the greatest effects associated with it and are some of the main reasons why sativas are the cannabis strain of choice for some people.

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