Tips to help you roll a perfect joint

For the canna newbie, learning how to make a blunt seems easy, but sometimes getting it just right is a bit more of a challenge. As marijuana becomes more popular, smoking is still the popular method of consumption, but e-cigarettes and gummies have a large market share. Here are tips to help you roll the perfect joint.

A decent joint should have some sort of filter and burn evenly to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience where the weed tastes pleasant and no parts are wasted. Here are 6 tips that can help you roll a perfect joint:

Gather your tools

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Before you begin, store all your tools in a clean place free of dust and clutter. Place your grinder, rolling papers, filters and a pen nearby and reserve a small area for your rolling papers. A small tray or a clean book cover will help you keep everything clean and reduce weed loss.

Start small

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When you roll your first joint, be sure to purchase regular-sized rolling papers and take manageable amounts of marijuana with you. Half a gram or a few pinches should be enough; It's better for your joint to be small and well distributed than something that's too big and breaks in the middle of the smoke.

Get to work

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Grind your cannabis and place it in an accessible location so you don't run out of hands when packing the joint. Place a filter on one end of the rolling paper and form a cone shape to prevent it from falling out. You can purchase filters or make them yourself by folding a piece of cardboard or a business card. A filter is important because it provides stability and prevents you from burning your fingers after smoking.

Put a pinch of weed on your rolling paper and spread it evenly with your finger. Pick up any weed scraps that fall into the tray or book cover beneath you and put them back in the joint.

Start rolling

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Finally, start rolling the joint. This step takes some practice, but the best method is to squeeze the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth until it reaches its common shape. Insert the unglued part of the paper into the roll, lick the edge where there is glue and stick it onto the roll. (Make sure to wet as much glue as possible so your joint will stick throughout the entire smoking session.) Fill the open end of the joint with a pen and gently press it in. Twist the tip of the joint and you're ready to go.

Other options

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Rolling joints is a skill that many people may not have the patience for. Fortunately, these days it is no longer necessary for everyone to be an experienced joint roller. You can purchase pre-rolled joints while training.

Extras that enrich your experience

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A Rolling tray is not necessary, but once you use one you will never do it again. It's incredibly convenient to roll trays, eliminate clutter and keep everything close at hand. Do not use your tray to dispose of your ashes; Also get an ashtray.

You should also invest in a commodity torch or lighter. While your average Bic lighter will do the job, a lighter or flashlight worth a few bucks will last longer and you'll probably take more care of it and know where it is. A portable flashlight is also great for lighting joints on the go, as you don't have to put the lighter in a container to protect the flame from the wind.

A rolling machine This can also reduce a lot of stress in your life and deliver perfect joints in seconds.

With these tips for rolling the perfect joint, you'll soon be looking like an expert!

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