TikTok also wants to be a job search app

TikTok has constantly taken control of our lives. It’s an inevitable app that got stuck during the pandemic and is now planning to embark on the job hunt.

According to Axios, TikTok is developing and testing a tool for brands interested in recruiting newcomers. The plan is for TikTok to connect people with jobs while creating channels for brands to get to know them in a different light. Major brands were contacted, including sports leagues, according to the report.

Photo by Dylan Gillis via Unsplash

While you might be thinking about how strange it would be to apply for jobs using dance challenges, the report explains that the job search app would not be included with the TikTok app. Instead, the app can be used to access the job exchange, which then takes you to a separate website.

The TikTok job section would be about videos. Users could likely post a TikTok video resume instead of a traditional one to stand out in a unique and personalized way. It seems like an idea aimed at Gen Z and Millennials in hopes of growing up with a demographic that will be entering the job market now or soon.

TikTok didn’t comment on this new feature, but it’s not the first social media app to look at job hunting. Facebook has its own job service and LinkedIn is said to look very similar to Facebook and have social media aspects. Goldi is another website that provides video résumés and enables users to be more creative when applying for a job.

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