The winners and details of the Ego Clash 2023 Invitational

Deep in a freezing cave two hours north of San Francisco, many of the world's top cannabis growers, breeders and hashish producers gathered to sow the seeds of the 2024 cannabis hype cycle and keep its eternal flame burning.

They succeeded around midnight on Sunday, December 10th.

Here's who won the 2023 Ego Clash Invitational – a private, invitation-only global cannabis industry competition in Mendocino County, California for: Best Indoor Flower; best outdoor flower; best rosin; and best full melt.

Now take a look at the flavors that will dominate the cannabis conversation in 2024.

Best indoor flower – Ego Clash 2023

Blue lobster.  (Courtesy of Maine Trees)Blue lobster. (Courtesy of Maine Trees)

More than 30 growers took part in the indoor flower competition. Participants blindly evaluated each other's work and awarded points. Distinctive lemon flavors and sophisticated gelato varieties scored the most points among the participants.

Eddy's Lemons sounds like a reference to Eddy Lepp OG. Blue Lobster is a cross between Apples & Bananas x Eye Candy. Chris Lynch of Compound Genetics – now at Cipher Genetics in Santa Cruz, California – worked with Maine Trees of Maine to bring Blue Lobster to the West Coast.

One Leafly reviewer noted, “It's like a strangely perfect combination of Sherb, Zkittles, and GDP. The BIP brings some interesting grape/blue raspberry notes.”

Additionally, Zkittlez remained dominant with a third place finish, capping off another epic year from Hippie Hill's King of Z Hill competition to Spannabis in Barcelona.

Winners received a custom bong from Jerome Baker, custom glass joint tips from Rek Tipz, and undeniable bragging rights for life.

Stress producer
1. – Eddy's Lemons Anudai Farms (A New Day)
2nd – Blue Lobster Maine trees
3. – Zkittlez Tornado Terpzz

Best Outdoor Flower – Ego Clash 2023

More than 40 flowers competed in Ego Clash's first outdoor competition. One of the most popular flavors on the market, Lemon Cherry Gelato, grown on a large scale by Terp Mansion, scored a big first place. Humboldt County, California also dominated the podium. Ridgeline Farms kept the Runtz enthusiasm going with a LANTZ win. And Xotic Flavorz beat out the new hype Hawaiian Snowcone from Tiki Madman and Big Al's Exotics to take third place. All three varieties have a lot of attractive, sweet, syrupy, fruity, often creamy flavor with a strong finish. (As opposed to terpinolene, myrcene or linalool strains.)

Stress brand
1. – LCG Terp Villa
2. – LANTZ Ridgeline Farms
3. – Hawaiian snow cone Xotic Flavorz


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Best Rosin – Ego Clash 2023

In the battle for the best rosin, the flavors lime, tropical toffee and pear emerged victorious. Yeti Melts bred their Optimus Lime themselves from Zeezy x Limeheads – so definitely expect Z and lime notes.

Stress brand
1. – Optimus Lime #8 Yeti melts
2. – Kamikaze and Z-Mix Pure and correct
3rd place: Asian pear Yes, botanist

Best Full Melt – Ego Clash 2023

A likely cross between Z and Super Boof seems to have won the hearts of the star judges this year. In second place we saw another mix of two varieties. And a pineapple dessert flavor took third place.

Stress brand
1. – Ze Boof Trichome turtle
2. – CDLA6 + Starburst AND Passion 4 hashing
3. – Pretty pineapple empanada The real Cannabis Chris

We'll have more winners, photos and details as the haze continues to clear and we learn more. Also, come back in January for “The Best Seeds and Clones to Grow in 2024” and “New Year, New Terpenes: Fresh Flavors for 2024.”

Ego Clash is produced and hosted every year by Moonshine melts, Seeds of dying racesAnd 3rd generation family Farm yard. Thanks, Brandon.

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