The story of DogDaze, the Chemdog strain that never existed

I am in love. Gassy. Grass. So much so that I would trade an extremely distant family member for an unlimited offer. Gaseous strains always kick my ass in a good way. They have that potency that hits my head, shoulders, knees and toes with hours of the high “Lol, fam … ya boy is OUTTA there” that made me fall in love with smoking weed in the first place.

So you can imagine how I felt when I phoned Greg Krzanowski – better known as Chemdog – and learned about DogDaze, the first Chemdog hybrid actually bred by the man himself. Answer: About as sick to my stomach as Greg felt leaving those seeds in a Vegas hotel room.


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Who and what is Chemdog?

Chemdog is a legendary strain in the history of cannabis. It is world famous for its incredibly strong and unmistakably sharp, diesel-like, chemical-like aromas. Chemdog genetics pioneered a world of gaseous hybrids including Sour Diesel, GMO Cookies and Motorbreath.

Chemdog history dates back to the early 1990s when a young deadhead named Greg ran into a couple of guys named P Bud and Joe Brand in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert in Deep Creek, Indiana. When Greg heard them say, “Friendly bud nearby,” he said, “Yeah, I need that.”

He grabbed an ounce of her flower called “Dogbud,” and it was so different from any weed he had ever smoked that he reconnected with P Bud and Joe B. to send more Dogbud to Massachusetts.

In one of these sacks of flowers were 13 seeds that Greg had grown. These became three magical tribes, later named Chem 91, Chem’s Sister, and Chem Dog B. They had a unique diesel-like aroma and aroma that Joe B. called “Chemmie” Greg took the flower’s previous name, combined it with the new description of the flower, and Chemdog was born. Over time, two more Chemdog phenotypes came out: Chem # 4 and Chem D. That remainder is weed history.

Although Chemdog, P Bud, and Joe Brand are considered the fathers of the gas-flavored strain, it’s important to remember that they didn’t breed Chemdog or any of its phenotypes – they found them as random seeds in bags of weeds. However, there is a single strain that Chemdog bred itself: DogDaze.

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What was DogDaze?

DogDaze is the first and only strain Greg Krzanowski, also known as Chemdog, ever bred himself. The hybrid strain genetics were from a sire of Northern Lights # 5 x Haze crossed with a Chem D dam. Chemdog told me that it had a unique, hazy smell with gaseous undertones unlike any other Chemdog strains it had worked with.

The high? Stoney. Heavy. Cerebral. All I would hope for in the types of weeds I smoke in the afternoon after a long, productive morning writing the best weed articles of all time.

You see, Chemdog is an indica-dominant strain known for a strong head high that hits so hard, so fast, and so long that you might as well end the day within 20 minutes of smoking it. Northern Lights # 5 x Haze, on the other hand, one of the parents of DogDaze, is a Sativa-dominant strain known for its spicy Haze flavor, followed by a strong head-rush type of high that the Haze genetics get everyone out of Variety produces.

I can only imagine that DogDaze is the perfect blend of high potency, unique flavors and invigorating intoxicating effects. It was probably the kind of stress that suddenly bothers you after leaving work, how much your boss and company undervalue your posts. That kind of “Everything is trash but I feel AMAZING right now” kind of mood-lifting high that slowly seeps into your body as you relax from the everyday troubles of life.

“It smoked great. Very cerebrally high on it, couch lock stuff. I wish I hadn’t let myself get carried away like this, ”said Chemdog.

What happened to DogDaze? Why have you never smoked such a perfect strain of cannabis?

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Why DogDaze doesn’t exist

Hotel room(danedwards / AdobeStock)

In 2005, Chemdog took a trip from Massachusetts to Las Vegas, the starting point of a trip to the Pacific coast, where he hooked up with weed breeder Subcool (can you imagine Jack The Ripper and Vortex Cross crossing) did with DogDaze? !) and some other friends who grow weeds and grow weeds from online cannabis forums. Chemdog brought around 600 DogDaze seeds that they wanted to spread to the cannabis community.

You see, back then weeds were everywhere and still illegal underground, and without the capitalist exploitation and commercialization of the cannabis plant, breeders would trade their jobs – seeds – with others to grow and find the best possible versions of their favorite cannabis strains.

Unfortunately for us consumers, and even more unfortunate for Chemdog as a breeder, a hotel room in Vegas (Chem can’t remember which one) would become the place where DogDaze died.

After checking out in the morning and a few hours later, Chemdog had the “Oh no …” moment when he realized that the package of 600 seeds was not in his car. “About six hours after I left Vegas I’m like, ‘Damn it, I left the box of seeds back at the hotel,'” said Chemdog. “I called the hotel and they said they couldn’t find anything so I’m sure the housekeeper just threw the box away without even looking. That was the last of it. ”

Without his beloved seeds, the only hopes for DogDaze were clones Chemdog had at home in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, double that was lost when Chemdog was blown up by the DEA and IRS in 2011.

And just like that, DogDaze, the long-lost Chemdog strain, was completely ripped from life and the potential popularity that Chem # 4, Chem D, Chem’s Sister, and Chem 91 had achieved over the past three decades was completely erased.

Damn it.

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