The Leafly Grass Grower's Guide for 2024

Spring is here and with it fresh vegetables in the garden. Peak season has also begun for cannabis gardeners: clone and seed sellers are doing brisk business as growers large and small prepare for the full-sun outdoor run of 2024.

If you start today, you can grow a pound of AAA quality buds from a single plant outdoors. Here's how to do it from Leafly's Weed Grower's Guide to 2024.

Where to start

Get started with Leafly's first-ever Weed Gardener's Almanac for 2024. Learn what to do at the right time to keep up with the seasons and maximize your investment in seeds, soil, water and time.

The official image of the Leafly Weed Gardener's Almanac 2024

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The Official Leafly Weed Gardener's Almanac 2024

You can also start with Leafly's Learn/Grow section – our recurring guide to the basics of weed gardening.

Leafly's Guide to Image Growing Marijuana

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Leafly's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Can't grow? No problem

How to order weed delivery online from Leafly

What should you grow?

Man, do we have some options for you? Our affiliate link partners want you to start with “The Best Cannabis Seed Companies.” With groups like:

Seed Supreme

DNA genetics

Royal Queen Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Cookies seed bank

Premium varieties

The best image of cannabis seed companies

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The Best Cannabis Seed Companies

We've also published our largest, independently reported, 100% organic, 100% AI-free guide to the best seeds and clones to grow in 2024. Part 1 contains the hottest new products from the frontrunners. Part 2 covers strains related to Sour Diesel and Chemdog and the like. Part 3 focuses on strains suitable for both old-fashioned and new extract (aka hashish) production.

Modern cannabis too strong for you? Don't worry, we have some excellent strains with a balance of THC (which produces euphoria) and CBD (which can moderate the effects of THC).

How to grow it

So you've figured out where to start and what you want to grow – now you need to know how to grow it!

But we got a new story about growing waves on “living soil”. What is living soil? Read about it and get started with your compost heap today!

What is “living soil weed” and why does it dominate?  Picture

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What is “living soil weed” and why does it dominate?

For more information, see: How to Make Organic Soil

There is more to vegetation and flowers.

Image: How to prune and prune marijuana plants

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How to Prune and Prune Marijuana Plants

Get pest control tips from Kannabia Seed Company.

How to keep your crop free from pests with Kannabia Seed Company's image

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How to keep your crop pest-free with Kannabia Seed Company

The leaf variety of 2023 is Permanent Marker – here's how to grow this variety and ride the wave.

How to grow the image of the permanent marker variety

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How to Grow the Permanent Marker Strain

How to harvest it

Growing is only half the battle. So much good pot is destroyed in the drying and curing phase, where you have to keep temperatures low, keep humidity balanced and prevent mold.

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Here are some fresh drying tips for an experienced master.

Expert Interview: The Science of Saving These Terps During Harvest.  Picture

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Expert Interview: The Science of Saving These Terps During Harvest

Then take a look at our recurring advice on drying and curing:

The ultimate guide to drying and curing cannabis for the best results

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The ultimate guide to drying and curing cannabis for the best results

Troubleshooting your garden

If you want to make God laugh, let her know your plans. When things get out of hand, practice a positive, solution-oriented mindset and enjoy the chance to learn something new from our troubleshooting guides.

The best thing about growing weed is the friends you make along the way. You will be stronger and happier growing in community with your fellow gardeners and the cannabis culture. Join your new network by attending these fantastic cannabis events across the country.

Image of the 2024 Ultimate Weed Contest Calendar

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Ultimate Weed Contest Calendar 2024

Are you looking forward to gaining a pound? You should be. The golden age of ganja shines even brighter when a seven-leaf tree emerges from every garden. Remember: If you're not busy growing, you're busy buying!

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