The Guardian – Wizard Treez, CA, Winter 2024

91 out of 100 points

Price: $68/eighth

Spicy and decadent, The Keeper from Los Angeles-based Wizard Trees brings consumers a magical smoking experience. This hybrid is a genetic cross between Wizard Trees' award-winning Zoap and RS11, both bred by Deo Farms of Oakland, California. The elegant and colorful test tube bottles – this batch a deep emerald green – look like extravagant, trophy-worthy display cases that hint at the fire packed within.

The Keeper is gassy and sweet, with notes reminiscent of an old-school Sour Diesel combined with the dessert pop of Rainbow Sherbet. The dry hit on “The Keeper” is funky yet satisfying, offering earthy-sweet umami and a hint of pine. The sealed packaging also kept the cannabis fairly fresh as my batch was packaged in November 2023 and tasted great.

The bud fell apart quite airy and silky, the texture of butter. The high is bright and light. It doesn't put you in distress, offers great fun and, dare I say, energetic bursts of creativity. With this variety you can indulge in art or clean out your house. In my everyday consumption, a premium price tag like The Keeper is great for special occasions. Yes, it's worth it, but no, I can't buy it every day.

Pour it into a long Gandalf-style pipe and enjoy. This is a keeper.

(Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett)


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(Courtesy of Lindsey Bartlett)

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Lindsey BartlettLindsey Bartlett

Lindsey Carmela Bartlett is a writer, photographer and social media editor who has been documenting the evolving cannabis industry for a decade. Born in Denver, Colorado, she now lives in Los Angeles, California. Bartlett is a current Forbes and Insider contributor and a two-time Emerald Cup judge. Her career includes roles at The Denver Post and The Cannabist, the first cannabis publication ever launched by a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper. Her reporting expanded to include an industry focus at MJBizDaily and Hemp Industry Daily, where Bartlett led social media coverage for MJBizCon, the largest cannabis business conference series in the world. She has held writing, social media and editorial roles at Weedmaps, Green Entrepreneur, High Times, Westword, Marijuana Moment, MJBizDaily, Leafly and Merry Jane. Bartlett is a cannabis media fellow and a graduate of the UVM Pace Plant Biology program.

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