The Brazilian Health Department certifies Ease Labs as the first official cannabis pharmaceutical company in Brazil

Since the Brazilian government approved the use of medical cannabis in 2019, the medical cannabis industry has been booming in the country. Analysts have predicted the industry will be worth over $ 229 million by 2028.

To this end, on April 7, 2021, the Brazilian government set a series of effects in motion by approving the first pharmaceutical company responsible for introducing cannabis-based drugs.

While this news was in some ways expected, it managed to shake the Brazilian cannabis industry.

The government has issued a GMP (Pharma Grade) certificate to the Brazilian branch of the renowned pharmaceutical company Ease Labs through the Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária ‘ANVISA’ (the country’s health inspectorate).

Not only does this enable Ease Labs to manufacture cannabis products, but with this certification Ease Labs is also at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry in Brazil. The industry is indirectly controlled by Ease Labs for the near future.

Ease Labs is the official pioneer in the cannabis industry. As it is the first and only pharmaceutical company approved to manufacture cannabidiol products on Brazilian soil. The company would be allowed to develop a product, manufacture it on a large scale, store, import and also export these CBD products within Brazil and the main South American markets.

Prior to certification by the Brazilian Health Authority, Ease Labs manufactured most of their products in the United States and Europe as well.

These products were then distributed by the company’s Uruguayan branch and imported into Brazil and neighboring countries. The disadvantage of this import was that all products were offered at a higher price.

ANVISA’s import approval was all due to an acquisition with Belo Horizonte. The company is already setting up a production facility in a region of the country in order to initially focus on the domestic cannabis industry in Brazil. That is, the product is stored by local pharmacies and pharmacies in the country. Export plans for these products are also in the works.

Location of the pharmaceutical laboratory

Ease Labs have decided to set up a store in the capital, Minas Gerais. The area used was previously used by a Brazilian herbal company to manufacture medicines. The company used the site for almost 35 years before evacuating the premises around 2019.

During the lockdown period of 2020, a number of improvements and expansion procedures were carried out at this location in order to meet all required standards of a pharmaceutical company.

Checks as well as safety and quality tests were also carried out by the responsible bodies.

With one square meter from 1950, plus a quality control lab and research and development lab, the facility can now comfortably meet demand for marijuana medicines across the country.

Ease Labs CEO Gustavo Palhares said in a statement that the company is now fully prepared to begin operations at the end of the first semester.

The CEO explained how beneficial GMP approval is. In his words, he described it as a victory for the cannabis industry in Brazil as a whole. He also stated that patients across the country could be buying cheaper CBD products in no time, with no doubt about the quality of the product.

Since the site produces more than 3,600 products per hour, sufficient supplies are guaranteed, which significantly reduces costs. Unlike when products with large amounts in dollars have to be imported from Europe and the USA. The lab could have extraction machines, a pre-roll machine, and a variety of technologies to automate some of the more mundane processes.

Mr. Gustavo Palhares also assured all marijuana drug users that the company strictly adheres to ANVISA’s good manufacturing practices.

He further explained that in addition to regulatory qualifications, all of their suppliers go through extensive technical details to ensure that all imported products meet the required quality parameters for GMP.

The group appears to have an average production of no less than 6 million drugs per year.

The CEO mentioned in an interview that the group is working on a diversified portfolio. The products to be developed differ in their use and in the diseases they treat. The products are initially developed with a view to the diseases and symptoms that are widespread in the country.

Sooner rather than later, the group plans to include other medicinal products and dietary supplements of plant origin. Raw materials are extracted from the unique biodiverse environments in Brazil. Especially the Amazon and the Cerrado Savanna region.

Especially in the near future, the cost of supplies and production materials will be efficiently reduced. The supply chain will also be linked to the company’s allies in and around Brazil.

Times are changing, while the legalization of marijuana on the continent is still a sensitive issue, some countries are already adopting its use for medical reasons. Some of these countries are Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

Uruguay has gone a step further and legalized recreational marijuana. Because of this, Ease Labs’ first office was located here.

By 2024, the cannabis market in Latin America should be worth at least $ 9 billion. Income from the medical cannabis industry would play a role in this assessment.

The Brazilian cannabis industry is relatively untouched due to government regulations. For this reason, Ease Labs should be commended for overcoming regulatory obstacles and obtaining ANISA approval.

Although the coveted ANISA approval has to be renewed every three years, its certification is renewed as everyone has established Ease Labs groups. Especially when their productions boost the Brazilian economy

Ease Labs is well on its way to realizing a huge ROI if everything goes according to plan. The group would stand out both locally and internationally; as soon as it plans to increase production and export it from Brazil to other countries around the globe.

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