The best weed TV for streaming

Marijuana has become mainstream but is not reflected in shows. Weed's presence in the entertainment industry has generally relied on stereotypes. In contrast to alcohol, the representation is rather exaggerated. From classic TV to streaming companies, it's usually difficult to find quality, but here is the best weed TV for streaming.

In fact, tobacco use is pervasive, increasing and more prominent on streaming shows like “Stranger Things,” “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black” and “Fuller House” than on broadcast shows, according to a Truth Initiative report.

Netflix has tried to bring marijuana to the forefront by creating various programs such as “Disjointed” and “Cooking on High.” Although there was money and talent behind these series, none were successful or good. Marijuana was clumsily added as a gimmick to gain views and generate controversy rather than portraying it as a realistic part of people's lives.

While there is a lot of room for improvement in the cannabis TV show landscape, there are shows that have been successful with amazing results. Interestingly, these shows are usually half-hour comedies that combine the political with the everyday experiences of people who enjoy smoking marijuana.

Here are the best weed shows to add to your watchlist:


“Weeds” is an old show with an already dated premise, but it still works. Nancy Botwin is a mother of two whose husband has just passed away, leaving her with all sorts of debts and challenges. Of course, her next step is to sell weed to her rich neighbors to make some extra money. Created by Jenji Kohan (who also created “Orange is the New Black”), “Weeds” is a comedy that is also a drama, with varying degrees of success per season. During its eight-year run, the series managed to remain innovative and funny while always presenting a complex main character. It's also a kind of time capsule, set in a time when weed was even more taboo than it is today. You can stream it on Netflix.

High maintenance effort

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High Maintenance is an anthology series held together by the character The Guy, a weed delivery man who works in New York. High Maintenance is the rare anthology series that is consistent; Unlike most anthology programs out there, which consist of a few great episodes and a lot of filler, High Maintenance manages to tell compelling and human stories that are never too long in coming and are particularly rewarding for New Yorkers are. You can watch High Maintenance on HBO.

Broad city

Another great New York show is Broad City, which, while it focuses on the messes and adventures of two best friends, is also an ode to marijuana. Every season, you can reliably find an episode in which weed helps or hinders Abbi and Ilana's adventures, all with hilarious and surprisingly touching results. Broad City has many fans and consists of four short seasons of half-hour episodes, making it the perfect binge for any mood. You can stream the entire show on Hulu.

That 70's show

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Despite the passing decades, That 70's Show remains a strangely ambitious sitcom. With a duration of eight seasons and more than 20 episodes each, it is an iconic series that has managed to build a very loyal fan base. “That 70's Show” follows a group of teenage friends and their parents against the backdrop of the '70s, which informs all storylines, and touches on politics, the sexual revolution and weed, all in a slyly PG-13 way. Watching the show as an adult proves to be a very different experience, especially when you consider that the notable circle scenes consist of friends and sometimes parents sitting around in a circle, smoking weed, as one does. You can stream it on Netflix.


Donald Glover's Atlanta is the strangest entry on this list, a comedy that likes to break all sorts of rules and push the boundaries of the genre. Starred by Glover himself, the show centers on Earn and is a woozy and strange half-hour that's funny and depressing, reflecting the all-too-real disparities in America. Glover has always had a flair for expressing racial and economic realities – his finger has always been on the pulse – and nowhere is his talent more evident than on this show. It's the rare drama that makes you laugh and keeps you thinking long after it's over. You can watch “Atlanta” on Hulu.

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