The best ways to disconnect from work over the holidays

The holidays can be filled with gatherings with friends, visiting family, celebrating, shopping or a good movie with “Christmas Vacation.” But the strain of work can affect the joy and relaxation of vacation. For some, the added pressure of facing looming year-end deadlines during a shortened work month, combined with additional personal, financial and family obligations, can lead to holiday stress this time of year.

It doesn't help that the days between December 25th and 31st are filled with family and social obligations that bleed into one another and become one giant mass of time that makes it extremely difficult to get work done.

Studies show that taking a break from work has significant health benefits, especially when you spend your time doing satisfying and memorable activities. Here are the best ways to take time away from work over the holidays.

Spend time with your loved ones

Connecting to a “bigger purpose” will help you clear your mind and be more present in everything you do over the holidays. “The stressors in work life are temporary in nature and no one ever looks back on their life and remembers the nights they spent completing a project instead of making memories with their loved ones,” say representatives of Noken, a travel company prepared for people who suffer from difficult conditions time to leave their work at home.

Turn off your notifications

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It's difficult to distance yourself from work when you're constantly checking your phone and email. To make the most of your days off, try silencing your notifications or turning them off entirely. If you still have to work, create a schedule that allows you to work efficiently while still having your own free time. In most cases, emails can wait.

Prioritize personal things

Make your personal life your priority during the holiday season. This doesn't mean that you have to completely ignore work, just that being organized will allow you to plan your work activities in advance and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Plan ahead

If you know you have a big project coming up, make sure to schedule a few hours of work where you'll be focused and not have a lot of distractions. This way you can finish your work as quickly as possible and have the rest of the day free so you can use your time as you wish.

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Everything will be fine

There's no reason to be tethered to your laptop or phone over the holidays, especially if you've been completing your tasks normally and efficiently. If there is an emergency, your boss will definitely call you and inform you. Your work will still be there the next day, so try to stay on top of it and avoid missing important moments with your family and friends.

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