The Best Ways to Consume Weed in a Rental Apartment

In 2022, survey data shows that 24.7% of Millennials plan to “always rent a home” rather than buy. Add in AirBnB, VRBO, and more, and we're putting our minds to places where other people have a say in what's going on in the unit. Apartments became big at the beginning of the last century. Mid-price and luxury apartments became popular in London, New York and other major cities and spread to other cities.

Living in a confined area where a resident is immediately surrounded by dozens of neighbors has been known to cause a lot of problems over the years. For this reason, apartment dwellers often receive complaints about noise, pets and, increasingly, the smell of marijuana. Here are the best ways to consume weed in rentals.

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Even in states where cannabis is legal, using weed in a rental situation is more problematic than in a private residence. In fact, even before you move to most places, you get one Marijuana user is already stacked against you.

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Most leases and short-term rental agreements contain policies against using illegal drugs, smoking, and harassing other tenants. In most cases, these leases do not take into account legal weed at the state level. So read the rules first. It can bTo keep the peace and reduce the risk of eviction, one must be creative or more stealthy when consuming cannabis.

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The best way to avoid trouble is to avoid smoking in the device. In legal states, a park or somewhere outdoors is the easiest way to avoid the smell lingering in an enclosed space. Tobacco smokers shy away from going outside to enjoy a quick hit.

If you are traveling you can stop by Pharmacy in the neighborhood And maybe get a vape, gummies, or oil. Edibles are always a smart choice as they are completely smoke-free. But for those who prefer smoking weed to eating it, there are more discreet products that leave a lingering smell. Vaporizers offer a smoking experience without the overpowering smell that sometimes causes complaints from neighbors. Even using dabs, which are concentrates, is a better option than burning raw flower. Your neighbors will never know you smoke weed.

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But if you have to smoke marijuana the old-fashioned way, you'll have to use a little stoner ingenuity to keep things on the down low. Remember: Unless your rental agreement specifically states that smoking marijuana is permitted on the premises, this probably isn't the case. And the last thing a tenant wants is to complain about the pungent smell of marijuana constantly wafting into the common areas. These complaints may not get you in trouble with the law – at least not in a legal state – but they could get you kicked out.

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Therefore, use bathroom and kitchen fans that exhaust the smoke and reduce the smell of marijuana. When you're in the bathroom, it doesn't hurt to turn on a hot shower either, as the steam will reduce odors. However, this is not completely safe, so you may also want to cover the bottom of your doors with a towel to prevent as much smoke from escaping as possible. If an exhaust fan is not available, try to keep your smoking session as far away from the front of the home as possible. It also doesn't hurt to light candles to mask the smell. Some long-time marijuana users even swear by a product called Ozium, a spray known to effectively eliminate skunks.

Fortunately, marijuana smoke is not the same as tobacco smoke. While consuming weed in this way goes against most rental agreements, the smell of marijuana won't linger in the apartment for long. Not like a room occupied by a person who regularly smokes cigarettes. That's good news because violating the rules of a rental agreement can result in a tenant forfeiting their security deposit when it comes time to move to a new location, even if the violation doesn't result in eviction.

Be careful, be considerate and enjoy yourself when you relax.

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