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Pre-rolls are a great introduction to smoking cannabis and trying out different strains of weed. They’re easy to roll, cheaper than buying whole eighths, and available at any pharmacy.

But with so many options, you might feel a little overwhelmed with the shopping process — especially in Colorado, where many of the brands you smoke come straight from the pharmacies that sell them.

So we took a trip to Colorado to check out a few different pre-rolls and try the crème de la crème. Keep scrolling for my list of the best pre-rolls in Colorado for every situation.

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Overall popular pre-roll brands

Popular budget pre-rolls

Favorite Infused Pre-Rolls

How I picked my go-to pre-rolls in Colorado

Who am I you ask? In case you don’t know my work, I’m Danté Jordan, a longtime cannabis journalist and columnist behind The Drop. I’ve been writing about weed for years for Weedmaps, but also for Leafly, High Times, Thrillist and many other publications. I also host a weekly newsletter called Words Never Said ( in which I discuss the intersections of personal growth, travel, cannabis and all things life.

To me, all quality weed decisions ultimately boil down to how it is smoked. Cannabis can smell good, but if it doesn’t taste good, hit with potency, and deliver an all-around feel-good high, then I won’t buy this product a second time. When trying out a new pre-roll, here’s what I look at:

  • Taste: Truly, the best thing about smoking weed is all the different flavors that come from different strains. Of course, I can get high from smoking anything with THC, but the taste of the weed is a big difference between the good and the bad, as bad weed can sometimes taste like weed, hay, or even pure air.
  • Smokability: When I smoke poorly made joints filled with bad weed, they cough and my throat gets sore. Because of this, it’s important to me to only buy pre-rolls – or any weed at all – from reputable brands that care about my experience.
  • Effect: Ultimately, whether I’m smoking pre-rolls to start, see through, or end the day, I want the high to feel good and last long. If the effects aren’t there and the high doesn’t stay with me, I’m not interested.

My overall favorite pre-roll brands in Colorado

These are the Colorado pre-roll brands that do it all for me by nailing the flavor, smokeability, and effect.

710 Labs Noodle Doinks

In terms of variety, quality, smokeability, and experience, you won’t find a better Colorado pre-roll than 710 Labs’ Noodle Doinks. The brand has a huge presence in California but actually originated in Colorado in 2009. Since then, it has managed to grow into one of the biggest brands in the state and truly one of the best cannabis brands.

710’s famous Noodle Doinks are one-gram pre-rolls using a rotini noodle as a crutch, which helps improve airflow as the flavorful smoke travels from the joint to your lungs. Noodle Doinks are made and rolled by hand, ensuring a higher quality than using machines.

You can get 710’s Noodle Doinks as a single smoke or in packs of 10. If you want a strain suggestion, I’m leaning toward Trop Cookies and White Tahoe Cookies.

Maggie’s farm

Maggie’s Farm is an award-winning pharmacy chain with locations in Colorado Springs, Canyon City, Manitou Springs and Pueblo. As well as selling, it also produces good weed – the pre-rolls are among the best sellers in the state.

Maggie’s Farm is a Clean Green certified business, which means it uses organic practices such as sun growing and regenerative agriculture.

Health card holders have access to a full range of pre-rolls, including best-sellers Clementine Kush and Guptilla Kush. If you’re just into leisure, the Golden Marmalade is my favorite choice at the moment.

The truth about cannabis

If you’re looking for a brand that delivers consistent heat with a wide range of strains and flavors, then Veritas Fine Cannabis is for you. Its weed is top notch and smokes well; Plus, everything it does is one-stop, in small batches, and hand-trimmed.

Veritas pre-rolls are available as both regular flower pre-rolls and infused joints. If you want regular buds, the 3-pack of 1 gram joints is an excellent buy, allowing you to try out fiery strains like Papaya Cake, Cherry Diesel, and Forbidden Melonz. For added potency and flavor variation, the infused joints contain one gram of flower and 0.25 grams of icewater hash.


It’s hard not to enjoy Viola’s pre-rolls, particularly the 10-pack of minis, which contain small 0.25-gram joints that are great for solo smoking and to-go. Viola’s Pre-Rolls are made from whole flowers and come in a variety of varieties that vary by pharmacy. The brand is also available in Michigan and California.


Artsy’s Pre-Rolls are made with high-quality flower that tastes great, burns gently, and gets me really high at an affordable price.

The Denver-based company has many different strains, but for the best introduction, simply try Purple Burkel. It’s an indica-dominant cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Granddaddy Purple that induces strong relaxing and sedative effects for me personally.


You know the name, you know the big blue building, you know the big white “C”.

Cookies in Denver has some of the best pre-rolls (and brands) the state has to offer. You can buy a variety of one-gram single smokes in different flavors, like Collins Ave and Azul Runts, as well as 6-packs of Cookies joints.


Indico’s pre-rolls are available in 0.5 gram, 1 gram or multi-packs of 0.5 gram joints. Indico Flower has won Cannabis Cups and is worth your money’s worth as a Colorado buyer.

My favorite budget pre-rolls in Colorado

Here are some great options for Colorado stoners on a budget.

Turtle sanctuary

Terrapin Care Station is a pharmacy chain that also produces weed. Terrapin’s pre-rolled joints are a great buy for anyone who needs a little help in their pocket. You can buy them as a one gram cone or as a five gram multipack for around $25.

pure flame

Pure Blaze Pre-Rolls are Clean Green certified and available in indica, sativa, or hybrid blend options. If you love an organic, sun-grown cannabis option at a reasonable price, buy some of these.

My Favorite Pre-Rolls in Colorado

Colorado absolutely loves infused pre-rolls, so if you look at this list and a number of dispensary menus, it’s likely that your best option will include a concentrate along with flower.

Cones enriched with caviar

Caviar’s Cones are probably the best pre-roll option in Colorado. They smoke well, taste cool, and have super potency.

A “caviar cone” is basically a moonrock-style joint. Moonrocks are when you take cannabis buds, cover them in hash oil, and then cover that in kief. Caviar pre-rolls are the joint version of this product – they are 1.5 gram infused joints that will keep you smoking for hours. They also come with a glass tip for added luxury, which is important for the smoothness of the smoke. You really can’t go wrong.

Caviar Pre-Rolls are sold as sativa, hybrid, and indica blends.

Bubble joints by The Flower Collective

The Flower Collective’s bubble joints are among the most popular infused joints in Colorado—and with good reason. They weigh a total of 0.7 grams and are infused with both cannabis flowers and bubble hash – hence the name “bubble joints”. Bubble hash is a solvent-free concentrate that offers a natural terpene profile, is packed with flavor, and contains a high concentration of cannabinoids.

TFC’s Bubble Joints are not strain-specific joints, but blends divided into sativa, indica, and hybrid categories. They burn slowly, taste great, and offer exactly the experience you’re looking for when smoking pre-rolls. Simply put, these fortified pre-rolls get me high as hell.


An old-school company that has been around since 2011, Eureka offers many styles of infused joints including the classics, fusions, and premium pre-rolls. The classics are infused with distillate and added cannabis-derived terpenes; the fusions are enriched with distillate and natural terpenes from fruits; and the premium pre-rolls are the best of all as they are infused with live resin and live cannabis terpenes. They are all available in half gram and one gram pre-rolls.

If you are going to buy these joints, go for the premium option as they are the tastiest and most effective of them all.

DaDirri Extracts caviar and bubble cones

Rounding out this list is DaDirri Extracts with its two infused pre-roll options: Caviar Sunrocks Cones and Bubble Cones. You can snag them in half-gram or one-gram joints.

Caviar Sunrocks’ cones are rolled with distillate-soaked bud and then covered in some nice bubble hash. DaDirri’s Bubble Cones are infused with bubble hash without distillate. Both are excellent options, but these bubble cones are the real champion.

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