The 8 Best 510 Thread Batteries for Vape Cartridges of 2024

Most vape pens and carts have a 510 thread, which is the industry standard.

A 510 thread battery is designed exclusively for vaporizing pre-filled wax and oil cartridges. They come in all shapes, sizes and with different features.

Some have only one voltage, others are adjustable. Some need to be pressed 5 times to turn them on, others have no buttons and just need to inhale to activate them.

What is the best 510 battery? With the market flooded with numerous models and brands, finding the best 510 vape battery in 2024 can be a daunting task.

Don't worry, we've done the research for you. In this comprehensive guide, we examine the top contenders, weigh their pros and cons, and reveal the ultimate winner at the end.

What is a 510 thread battery and how does it work?

The vapes consist of two components, the cartridge and the battery, and are connected to each other via a screw thread.

510 is the technical term for the connection thread type, i.e. the 10 threads of 5 mm each on the joint parts of these devices.

A 510-threaded battery works by turning on the heating element in a vape cartridge – or atomizer – which heats the concentrate inside and creates a vapor for inhalation.

Why choose a 510 thread vape battery?

Most pens and vape batteries are 510 compatible, allowing different vape batteries and cartridges to be connected and used together.

This allows you to try many brands and strains of marijuana without having to invest in a new battery for each new cartridge.

Additionally, 510 batteries are often rechargeable, affordable, very small, and very travel-friendly. They usually come in bright or subtle colors and artistic designs.

Tips for buying a 510 thread battery

When choosing a 510 thread cart battery, several factors should be considered to ensure a smooth vaping experience.

1. Size

Do you want a bulky vape battery with a little less portability but more power or vice versa?

While their small size is a benefit for portability, they also have less power than larger batteries or box mods. This can also limit the amount of vapor you get from a single hit.

2. Battery life

Battery life is a crucial aspect of 510 batteries.

Higher mAh values ​​indicate larger battery capacity and longer lasting performance, allowing users to enjoy longer vaping sessions without having to constantly worry about charging.

Most e-cigarette batteries have a capacity between 200 and 650 mAh, the higher the better. With very intensive use, a capacity of 200 mAh may last less than a day.

The best mAh rating for a cartridge battery depends on your needs and usage.

3. Processing quality and durability

Because they pack a lot of power into such a small package, 510 thread batteries can be dangerous if you get a cheap, low-quality model and are not treated properly.

A robust construction ensures that the battery can withstand the rigors of daily use and last a long time.

High-quality materials and solid workmanship contribute to the longevity of the battery and provide users with a reliable and long-lasting vaping solution.

4. Draft activation vs. manual heating

Some vape pens are activated by inhalation and others have a power button.

For cartridges with very thick oil, a manually heated vape pen is usually more suitable.

If you choose an inhalation activated vaporizer, it will often not start properly if the oil is thick or cold, but you can easily warm it up with a push button.

5. Adjustable voltage setting

A top-notch 510 vape battery should offer variable voltage settings (usually between 2.2V and 4.8V) to adjust the heating temperature.

This feature allows users to adjust the voltage output according to their preferences and the viscosity of the vaping material.

Different materials require different temperatures to vaporize efficiently, and the ability to adjust the voltage ensures a customized vaping experience.

6. Preheat

Some 510 batteries may have a preheat feature that can be activated by pressing the button twice quickly.

This feature warms up the cartridge before use, ensuring consistent and even vapor production from the first draw.

7. Budget and brand

Consider your budget and invest in a reputable brand known for quality and reliability to avoid potential safety risks associated with counterfeit products.

Many well-known brands such as Yocan, Fifth Ave Green House, CCell, Puffco, The Kind Pen and many more offer a wide range of 510 batteries.

The 8 Best 510 Thread Batteries for Vape Cartridges in 2024

These eight 510 thread batteries are guaranteed to enhance your vaping experience with their innovative features, reliability and performance.

1. Fifth Ave Green House Bear

The Fifth Ave Green House Bear 510 Thread Vape Cart Battery is designed with attractive form and functionality in mind.

The top part of the device features a 510 threaded connector, ensuring compatibility with various vape cartridges and tanks.

With its compact and ergonomic design measuring 80 x 42 x 28.6 mm, it fits comfortably in the hand and improves portability and discretion for users on the go.

The battery capacity of 500 mAh and the ability to charge via a Type-C port contribute to its longevity.

One of its strengths is its adjustability, with a voltage range of 3.2 V to 3.9 V catering to different vaping preferences.

The bear comes in a variety of colors including gray, blue, green, purple, teal, cyan, pink, red and orange, so you can choose the perfect color to match your style or mood.

2. Fifth Ave Green House Snail 2.0

The Fifth Ave Green House Snail 2.0 is a good 510 thread battery for those looking for a durable option to take their cartridges on the go.

It is small, compact and fits in your pocket, but is still very robust thanks to the metal casing.

The unique snail-shaped design has really elevated its status as a cute 510 battery.

Although the device is compact, it has a battery capacity of 350 mAh, which is enough for continuous use throughout the day.

It is activated at the push of a button with a preheat function and has three presets (3.2, 3.6, 4.2), is very gentle at all settings and never feels burnt even after prolonged inhalation.

3. YoCan Kodo Pro

Yocan Kodo Pro is a portable, compact atomizer battery mod that features a sleek, user-friendly design.

The battery is extremely light and consists of a plastic housing with plastic buttons.

What makes the Kodo Pro unique is that it has an OLED display as well as puff counter, preheating, safety shutdown and voltage setting functions.

Each time you hold down the button, the puff counter increases by one. This is a very useful feature that helps you keep track of how much you are consuming.

Yocan Kodo Pro has a 400mAh internal battery with an output voltage range of 1.8-4.2V. A full charge lasts for up to 2 to 3 days with moderate use.

Kodo Pro is available in six beautiful colors including white, black, yellow, red, purple and light blue.

4. Yocan Uni Pro

The Yocan Uni Pro is a 510 threaded box mod style vape battery that gives the user control over their voltages in a cool design!

The large battery capacity of 650 mAh should be sufficient for two to three days of intensive use.

A voltage range of 2.0V to 4.8V in 0.1 increments makes it one of the more advanced vaporizers that allows you to customize the experience you want for your session.

The Uni PRO has an OLED screen that clearly shows you where your power is set.

You can also preheat your cartridge for up to 10 seconds instead of pulling on a cold coil.

Measuring 75.5mm x 36.5mm x 25.7mm, the Yocan UNI Pro is not as compact as the Fifth Ave Green House Snail, but still fits comfortably in your pocket.

5. CCELL Palm Pro

CCELL Palm Pro is one of the slimmest 510 batteries on the market and now has all the features to compete with other top devices.

It features a built-in 510mAh battery, USB Type-C charging, 10-second preheat mode and adjustable air flow.

The Palm Pro offers three voltage levels of 2.8V, 3.2V and 3.6V so you can change the performance of your car, whether it's for more flavor or bigger clouds.

The Palm Pro can be used with any 510 thread cartridge up to 11mm in diameter. In addition, it comes with a magnetic adapter that can be easily inserted into the device.

The CCELL Palm Pro is available in 5 colors: Ombre, Green, Black, Purple and Powder Blue.

6. CCELL M3 Plus

CCELL M3 Plus is a slim 510 threaded pen style battery that is just under 3.5 inches long, made of stainless steel and available in a variety of colors.

The M3 Plus features USB-C charging, so the 350mAh battery can be charged quickly and lasts for quite a few puffs after a full charge.

It is an inhale activated system, meaning there are no buttons. You simply start inhaling and the battery activates the atomizer immediately.

Finally, the new M3 Plus offers two different temperature settings – 2.8V (L) and 3.3V (H). To switch between the different strengths, simply press the switch on the bottom.

7. Ship's compass

Vessel Compass is a compact, powerful and extremely ergonomic 510 vape battery.

It features a high-capacity lithium-ion battery (550 mAh), USB-C charging, and three adjustable voltage settings – 2.8 V, 3.2 V, and 3.6 V.

It has an 8-second timer that prevents your car from overheating, which is another great feature.

The price of the Vessel Compass is $59.99, which is not an excessive amount, especially for such an attractive and compact device.

8. PRTBL Nando

The PRTBL Nando meets all the requirements for the look, feel and performance of a 510 battery.

Its compact body looks beautiful, is well designed and ergonomic.

However, it has a 700 mAh battery, which outperforms most similarly sized devices on the market.

It has weight, but not too heavy, and overall it looks, feels, and performs like a premium device.

You have the option of pull or button activation, four voltage output levels, and adjustment of LED brightness and haptic feedback.

There are five colors available: Maui (green), Slate (black), Sonoma (brown), Monterey (blue) and Paradox (purple). It all looks great and feels solid.


Choosing the best 510 thread battery for prefilled cartridges will have a huge impact on your overall cartridge experience.

To help you filter out the best from the rest, we've compiled this list of the eight best vape batteries on the market this year.

Each vape battery on this list has been carefully selected for its exceptional performance, customization options, and innovative features.

Whether you're a beginner looking for a simple vape pen battery or an experienced user looking for more customization options, our list has everything you need.

With the right 510 thread battery, you can always enjoy the full flavor and effect of your favorite prefilled cartridges, making every session satisfying and enjoyable.

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