The 10 Strongest Sativa Strains On The Market

Year after year, new sativa strains are developed while the existing ones are improved. Seasoned cannabis smokers already know which strains to choose if they want a classic or newly developed strain. However, novice smokers may be confused about what to do.

As we all know, the cannabis market is littered with various products. For this reason, this list has been carefully researched and compiled so that everyone knows the strongest sativa strains on the market this year.

To curate this list, the energizing, euphoric, and creative effects of several Sativa strains were observed along with their THC content.

Let’s dive in!

# 1 – green crack

The Green Crack variety is known for extreme loads that drop to zero after just a few hits. This sativa strain has a harsh but sweet taste that combines with a fruity and herbaceous note to leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth. It creates an energizing and creative feeling in the user that is almost unbelievable.

It leaves a long lasting high where users are still mentally aware and focused on events around them. With these traits and a THC level of 17%, Green Crack is a must-have sativa strain of 2021

# 2 – Durban Poison

You can hardly smoke the Durban Poison strain without falling in love with it. It has extraordinary effects that lift the user’s mood and at the same time trigger a burst of energy. It can be smoked when a person is feeling depressed and has no appetite. Medicinally, it is used to treat patients with chronic pain and nausea.

It has an appealing taste and aroma that exudes spicy and creamy vanilla notes. Durban poison is not poison at all, it is a lifesaver.

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# 3 – Amnesia Haze

This strain is very popular because it is a pure and classic sativa strain. It is in demand in the cannabis market around the world.

With Amnesia Haze, you’re sure to have a better mood with increased creativity. It has also been observed to relieve stress and other mental disorders in its users.

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With a THC between 17 and 22%, the Amnesia haze is very strong. Thanks to its long-lasting buzz, a stick of this strain is enough to guide you through an energetic day.

# 4 – Acid Diesel

This is another classic strain. A train of sour diesel takes you back in time.

It has one of the sharpest and most distinctive aromas that can be attributed to a sativa cannabis strain. It smells of a diesel taste with a sour taste.

With a THC of around 20%, it has an energizing effect on various smokers – both in leisure time and in medicine.

It provides an additional level of relaxation, psychoactivity, and alleviates various medical symptoms. All of this induces it in a short time.

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# 5 – strawberry cough

This is a sweet and very potent sativa strain whose origins are not yet known. This floral cannabis strain will induce great happiness while you smoke it.

When you feel overwhelmed, simply get strawberry cough to produce euphoric cerebral effects that would surely improve your mood. It has a THC content of around 20% and can be used medicinally to treat symptoms.

# 6 – Jack Herer

Jack Herer, named after the mighty emperor, is a cannabis strain suitable for any recreational activity you might have planned this year.

It’s perfect for artists and writers looking for energetic creativity. After a few tokes, a sense of clarity is induced with all other attributes of “being high”. However, the user remains focused on the task at hand.

It’s perfect for use during the day.

# 7 – Hulk berry

Quitting smoking Hulk Berry in 2021 is a mistake you don’t want to make. Named after the superhero Hulk, the Hulk Berry is a must-have for smokers who want an excitement that is more like a fantasy.

It is known for its long-lasting effects that stimulate mood-enhancing effects.

Any party planned for this year will be enhanced with the Hulk Berry strain.

This strain lives up to its parents’ heritage (OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel).

Marijuana is much more than just thatDifferent varieties of cannabis buds.
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# 8 – purple haze

As one of the greatest of all time, the purple haze is more than worthy to be on this list. If you can remember, Jimi Hendrix has a song dedicated to this legendary strain.

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It has a THC content of 20%, which leaves smokers with a long-lasting high. Not only does it have energizing and euphoric responses, but it also helps treat and manage anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other mental disorders.

This variety has an appealing aroma and aroma.

# 9 – Super Lemon Haze

This is a popular variety around the world. It’s impossible to take the super lemon haze and not taste and smell the zesty feel of citrus fruits. It’s Kike Sour Lemon mixed with candy. Even the smoke has a citrus aroma.

The effects of this strain include intense euphoria, reduced stress, and other mood-enhancing effects. As soon as you start to crack this stress, a creative feeling with increased focus breaks out in you. It also has high levels of THC, which makes it useful for treating your symptoms of certain diseases.

# 10 – blue dream

While not a pure sativa, the blue dream is a sativa dominant strain. It results in a powerful high that has a perfect balance between its energizing and calming effects.

With a significantly high THC content, this strain is preferable to both experienced and new smokers.

Even its fruity and sweet taste leads to a higher feeling of bliss and euphoria.

If you ever need to relieve stress and be happy, Blue Dream is the strain.

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Other tribes worth mentioning are:


99 problems

Train wreck

Maui Wowie

Laughing Buddha


Silver haze

Jamaican dream

And that’s a wrap!

Hope you use this list to make better decisions as you select a Sativa strain to buy. If you are thinking of growing them, they are all highly resistant and average high yielding plants with mostly feminized buds.

Have fun growing or puffing these extremely potent sativa strains and maybe 2021 will be your highest year yet!

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