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Find top products and the deals you need to enhance your vacation at Verilife.

Verilife pharmacies in Illinois are pulling out all the stops this year to offer shoppers holiday highlights to brighten the season. Find cannabis gifts for everyone on your list, from the all-flower devotee on the hunt for the hottest new strains, to your edible-loving aunt.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to something nice! With one of the largest inventories of quality brands in Illinois, Verilife is the place to go to find the cannabis to help you be yourself this holiday season and beyond. Their team is ready to help you feel better, heal better, and just live better by giving you the expert guidance you need on your cannabis journey.

Keep an eye on your local store’s menu – Verilife will be posting deals on flowers, vapes, edibles and more throughout the holiday season!

Read on to see some of our top picks at Verilife to add to your wish list and gift list this season.

Matter. x Allman Brothers Band Chocolate Chunk Flower

Verilife Holiday

Matter. has teamed up with legendary rock group The Allman Brothers Band to bring out Illinois Chocolate Chunk, a strain hot enough to wow you. This indica-like strain with Afghani landrace DNA is a soothing companion, perfect for unwinding with the Allman Brothers on the stereo at the end of the night.

When you light the orange speckled flower, you will be greeted by a rich chocolate flavor and a euphoria that will remind you of your first live concert. All you have to do is sit back, relax and have a peach.

Magnitude Platinum Jack 1g cartridges

Verilife Holiday

Magnitude prides itself on offering high quality cartridges strong enough to move the earth beneath your feet. Magnitude’s dual-refined, solvent-free distillate blend is third-party tested to ensure safety and potency, giving you peace of mind.

One of the Magnitude strains we’re looking forward to this season is Platinum Jack, also known as Jack Herer, the legendary strain named after the godfather of cannabis itself. Coming from the Haze family of strains, this sativa-like hybrid induces a cerebral, energizing high. With an appealing citrus scent with hints of pine, it even smells like the season.

Matter. Cherry Cola Gummy Bites

Verilife vacation

These sweet treats made out of matter. are just the thing to relieve stress during the holidays. Delicious and convenient, these 10 mg THC gummies are made using emulsification technology, which means you won’t have to wait long to feel the euphoric effects.

Don’t take our word for it: it doesn’t matter. Cherry-Cola gummies took home silver at the Illinois Cannabis Cup 2022: People’s Choice Edition. Pick up some from your local Verilife pharmacy this holiday season to see what sets these gummies apart from the pack.

#HASH-infused pre-rolls

Verilife Holiday

The perfect pre-roll if you’re looking to really decorate your halls this holiday season, #HASH-infused pre-rolls offer a blockbuster combination of premium flower and distillate to create some of the cleanest, most flavorful pre-rolls on the market . #HASH branded pre-rolls are available in a variety of top flavors, so check your local Veriflife menu to see if your favorite flavor is in stock. A great gift for the true canasseur in your life, #HASH-infused pre-rolls are the definitive premium option this holiday season.

Matter. Banana Milkshake Flower

Verilife Holiday

This indica-like strain from the team at matter. is a real powerhouse, perfect for an uplifting evening when the weather outside is dreadful. Banana Milkshake has a fruity, tropical aroma that will take you back to summer days on a sun-kissed beach. The Buzz Banana Milkshake comes in waves; Beginning with a euphoric, uplifting effect before settling into calm contentment. This holiday season, grab a banana milkshake for yourself at Verilife, no whipped cream required.

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